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Boom boom boom. Out go the lights.
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It is important that the flow of food in the world be unabashed. To replicate the pureness of the unobstructed food flow concept, the following prototype is constructed and demonstrated in abstract form.

A ten by ten foot frame is constructed of 2 X 4s. Thousands of thinwall 3" long stainless steel cylinders are soldered into an effective Zenith television 'grating' inside this frame. Another air-tight frame is behind this with plastic wire mesh on one large side and a sealable top lid. Another frame with two large rubber diaphragm sheets is attached behind this. A large wooden box with a lid that slides to the bottom is constructed behind this. It has a large air vent at the bottom that allows a calculated blast of air to enter the diaphragm when a pre-determined weight falls onto the collapsable lid.

Numerous ripe soft fruits are selected, washed, peeled and sliced into two inch wide segments. Crushed grapes are a traditional favourite. These segments are stacked airtight between the rear of the cylinder wall and the plastic wire mesh. At expulsion time a two gallon pail of thick fruit juice is also poured into the chamber to stop air leaks.

Facing the Peckinpah-vision wall are super-slow motion video cameras and three walls of indirect lighting. Restaurant tables, chairs and nude dairy-whipped participants complete the scene. Zarathustra fills the air with expectation. You hear the roar before you see it...


While the tape rewinds, a screen is pulled down over the expulsion wall and the indirect lighting is reduced. The participants can now watch the kinetic event in slow motion for the next half hour from video tape mixing.

mensmaximus, Dec 07 2004

Fruishi? http://www.furdell....rchives/000036.html
[Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004]

'Boom! Boom! (Out go the lights)' by Little Walter http://www.bluesfor...ics/boom-lights.htm
One boom too many, mensmaximus. [DrBob, Dec 08 2004]

http://jamaica.u.ar...sc/zarathustra.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 10 2004]


       Am I missing something subtle here, or will anyone second an [m-f-d] no idea?   

       [edit] when I put that up, there was just a title and one line of text. Now there is an idea. I'm utterly confused as to its purpose.
david_scothern, Dec 07 2004

       Well, after checking out the link, both the message and the medium remain unimpressive, at least.
normzone, Dec 07 2004

       Horny of plenty? Fruit of the loony?
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004

       You have a link?
david_scothern, Dec 07 2004

       Shouldn't this be in the Food: Wierd (possibly sinister) Fetish category rather than the Product: Television: 3d category?
Belfry, Dec 07 2004

       I read the comments before the idea, and with [Bel]'s comment in mind laughed all the way through. Yes. Strange 3-d food fetish television. I don't know what this idea's about, but I like it.
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

       Dairy whipped: is that like pistol whipped, but with a cow?
Belfry, Dec 07 2004

       [david-scothern] What is now the flesh of the idea was found on a link when the idea was first posted.
normzone, Dec 07 2004

       Peckinpah and Fellini were eating lunch at the commissary on the Western Studios lot when the fruit salad processing plant blew up next door.   

       The uncontrollable machine guns, Peckinpah's exploding fridges, flying chicken roasts is explored in this Fruishi environment.   

       I call flying pieces of coloured fruit 3D video, to make fun of big fat books about creating 3D animation on a 2D screen with three flying dots and being 'surrounded!' by 2D images, sans paires stereoscopique.   

       I'm looking for an elegant system/setting of 3D immersive video, not sitting in a cage or with goggles on.
mensmaximus, Dec 08 2004

       I have no idea why [mensma]'s writing mezmerizes me, but it does. Maybe it's the way s/he says so much without taking a breath. Maybe it's that I can almost understand what's being said, just as it slips from my grasp.
Worldgineer, Dec 08 2004

       I was going for indoctrination or mass hypnosis but I'll settle for mesmerizing.
mensmaximus, Dec 08 2004

       No, it was swamp gas and weather balloons.
normzone, Dec 08 2004

       World, you're right... the way it almost makes sense is similar to those optical illusions of impossible structures. I'm not just being rude here, the sense does genuinely slip away from me half way through.   

       [mensmaximus], is your native language French?
david_scothern, Dec 08 2004

       You are a strange man(?) [mensmaximus]. It is debatable whether this is an idea or merely a stream of consciousness from someone who's tripping while watching 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid' in a bath full of fruit. I had my 10x10 of 2x4 loaded with [m-f-d], but this is simply too unhinged to lose. No bread, though.
wagster, Dec 08 2004

       No, I'm not French but we're bilingual here.
mensmaximus, Dec 08 2004

       There's a bit of McArthur's Park in there. "All the sweet green icing running down" is added here.   

       Did Little Walter work at Ethnotica before he wrote Boom Boom?
mensmaximus, Dec 08 2004

       Not sure... was he french?
madness, Dec 08 2004

       I will describe the Fruishus, (Fruishi) fruit processor invention in the fruit section as I see the fruit issue has been addressed in seriousness in the past there.
mensmaximus, Dec 08 2004


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