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Disco Ball Projector

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Disco ball that hangs from your ceiling and projects a 360 degree 3D image which covers your entire room (ceiling and floor as well). Sectors can be allocated to different media or combined for a fully immersive entertainment experience. It also works as a standard disco ball. *cues up ABBA*
pppporkins, Jun 20 2010

anamorphic portrait http://www.ambaile....ory.jsp?StoryID=251
of Charles Edward Stuart [pocmloc, Jun 20 2010]

Planetarium projector at wikipedia.org http://en.wikipedia...anetarium_projector
[phoenix, Jun 22 2010]


       Technical question: It's been a while since the 80ies, but in my memory, a disco ball projects fairly small squares of light that rotate as the ball rotates. They're not as small as the squares on the ball, but they're still only covering a tiny part of the wall.   

       Would you have something that rotates more quickly to use persistence of vision, or would we somehow mentally compose an image from small colored squares, or does the whole thing only sort of look like a disco ball, but project a full field, like a traditional projector?
jutta, Jun 20 2010

       I assume that this would be more like the old security camera balls that had 4 cameras in a black ball, except that they would be projectors.
marklar, Jun 20 2010

       A smooth mirrored sphere coupled with a standard projector and a carefully distorted image would make this work perfectly.
pocmloc, Jun 20 2010

       If you distort it with a lens, you'd also focus the light correctly.
marklar, Jun 21 2010

       planetoriums have this.
VJW, Dec 10 2011

       planetoriums have this.
VJW, Dec 10 2011

       //360 degree// <pedant> 4*pi steradian.
spidermother, Dec 10 2011


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