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360° rotating TV
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Two opposite screens tv rotating. The viewing angle must be as smaller as possible (for example 1 degree). The TV should rotate at 12 turn/second, so 24 times a second you can see a screen . A processor will change image on each screen every time the TV turn of 1 degree, so a single side of TV should have a refresh of 4320 Hz (12 turn/second * 360 degree). So you can see a video on TV that change prospective based on the angle you look at it, without special glasses or sensors. A greater viewing angle decrease the refresh rate, but damage the overall experience. PS: a multiangle video is needed..
derte84, Nov 12 2009

Sony unveils new 3D display http://boingboing.n...unveils-new-3d.html
[xaviergisz, Nov 12 2009]

3D with Peggy2LE http://www.youtube....ure=player_embedded
A video of something similar realized with led [derte84, Aug 05 2010]

Rotating volumetric display https://arstechnica...s=1&comments-page=1
Built by one of our own: mixtela [xaviergisz, Dec 07 2023]


       to "keep your dog style" you can use an exagon (6 screen instead of 2) and slow down to 4 turn/second
derte84, Nov 12 2009

       I want to see the camera
pocmloc, Nov 12 2009

       I think it shoul be used with computer generated films..
derte84, Nov 17 2009

       [pocmloc] (belatedly): No camera. CGI.
mouseposture, Aug 05 2010

       The rotating leds device in the link reminds me of a cheap gyro powered flying saucer toy I picked up from a "pound shop" over 20 years ago. Despite never changing the batteries, it still works, managing to generate an amazing number of patterns from a single row of leds running along a radius line from the edge to the centre of the rapidly rotating saucer. The initial power is provided by a toothed pull strip that engages with a cog at the centre of the centre. It's a brilliant toy and I'm surprised that it's no longer around. Will try to find a link. A full "3D" version would be totally excellent. [did search - found similar, but none as basic, elegant and simple - I may try to video the one I have]
xenzag, Dec 07 2023


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