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Star in your own porno
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Someone needs to create a business where you can star in your own porno. The studio will provide actors/actresses that you desire, the location, and the camera and crew for some fee.

You then get to bring your own script (or use one of the available public domain scripts) and spend the day (or an hour) and star in you own film.

maholt, May 20 2008

Porn-o-matic http://www.maddogpr...com/pornomatic1.htm
Porn "script" generator. [phoenix, May 20 2008]


MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2008

       In job interviews, when asked to explain gaps in my resume, this is how I explain them.   

       I suspect if you investigated the many porn companies that have come into existence in the years since digital cameras became common, you'd find this is how some of them started.
normzone, May 20 2008

       An hour??
Eugene, May 21 2008

       //for some fee//   

       Unless you're prepared to shell out many thousands, this would be a tawdry and unpleasant way to spend the day. Just film yourself screwing your girl - I'll bet it's a lot cheaper and more fun.
wagster, May 21 2008

       Better yet, wear masks! And then sell the video to a porn studio. They might use it as a free sample or a doorstop.
Shadow Phoenix, May 21 2008

       So, if the lady on the corner brings a camera, is her work legal?
RayfordSteele, May 22 2008


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