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3D Study Maze

Computer game for students: theory on the walls, problem solutions unlock the doors.
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So you're bored of on-line courses, where a teacher gives you a video, and you have to watch it, then go and do the homework.

Imagine a 3D labyrinth game. (1) Each room's walls are covered in theory, and examples of using it. (2) Each door contains a mathematical problem based on the theory in the room. To open the door you have to solve the problem. As you move on to other rooms, you may need to use the theory of the previous rooms.

The software would allow teachers to design their labyrinth rooms, where each room's walls and doors would be easily editable, and the labyrinth files exportable/sharable, and interconnect into one large maze, with custom rewards in each following room.

UPDATE (May 26):

## The rationale: London taxi drivers appear to have larger hippocampuses, and remember the roads, and the travel through 3D environment well. It seems, human mind is hard-wired to remember the roads well, without effort to memorize. There are even powerful memory techniques suggested, utilizing this property of human mind (specifically, creating mind maps, like an imaginary room, and labeling objects in that room). Ordinary world, like we live in, doesn't require people to know how to explicitly solve an equation in order to move from place to place, so many people don't feel the immediate relationship of their knowledge they learn at schools to their lives, it's not felt as applicable knowledge to them. Such maze would require immediate necessity of the knowledge to move.

## Extrapolation: the game could be set up so as to be able to connect different courses into one giant maze. Previous courses would open up the doors to other courses that require them as prerequisites. Some doors could directly lead to job opportunities, where the skills necessary to open all those doors would match the skills required by an employer. The sky the limit.

## Where this leads: a streamlined automated system of education of the children and adults of all the world, that overcomes the ADHD with small costs. Significantly increased mathematical abilities, which are as common as the ability to walk, leading to numerous world problems resolved, and possibly breakthroughs in key areas such as fundamental physics, energy, health, even space travel, and so on. Just put the right problems, in the right places of the labyrinth. What I would expect this to do for education, is tantamanaut to what ETT (evacuated tube transporation) technology would do for transportation.

Inyuki, May 25 2012

Panda3D game engine http://www.panda3d.org/
Maybe a good starting point. [Inyuki, May 26 2012]

An external comment on YouTube [ionreq] http://www.youtube....watch?v=3n-TkbFRKHU
[Inyuki, May 27 2012]

An external comment on Panda3D forums [flavio] http://www.panda3d....ewtopic.php?t=13427
[outcome] [Inyuki, May 29 2012, last modified Sep 27 2012]

YouTube: 3D Study Maze v 0.01 https://www.youtube...=_KxGGkq5odU&fmt=22
[pocmloc] said "I thought all of the ideas on here were either immediately implemented, or are currently under development." [outcome] [Inyuki, Jun 08 2012, last modified Sep 27 2012]

Encarta Mindmaze http://www.youtube....watch?v=qLmudzYWY94
(though there is no attempt to make into a cohesive courses in this sense, no learning material on the walls, too) [Inyuki, Jun 14 2012]

YouTube: 3D Study Maze v 0.02 http://www.youtube....watch?v=pc-H74QSwDk
[outcome] [Inyuki, Jun 14 2012, last modified Sep 27 2012]

On Google Code https://code.google.com/p/3d-study-maze/
The essential features are now baked, making it easy to create such mazes... (Guess what, now I'm gonna cooperate with someone to create an experimental math course..., meanwhile adding features to the platform.) [outcome] [Inyuki, Jul 03 2012, last modified Sep 27 2012]

3D Study Maze -- Shared with Panda3D Community http://www.panda3d....ewtopic.php?t=14088
[outcome] [Inyuki, Aug 03 2012, last modified Sep 27 2012]

Combined with KhanAcademy videos. https://www.youtube...watch?v=O4-XixWpy14
[outcome] [Inyuki, Sep 06 2012, last modified Jan 18 2015]

[Oct 17] Google Play - Khan Academy http://www.youtube....umLpOezUvo&t=35m15s
[outcome] [Inyuki, Nov 03 2012]

A possible entry point for exact sciences corner of the maze... https://www.youtube...watch?v=Vnz3Z12CD10
[Inyuki, Jan 18 2015]

GitHub https://github.com/xmaze
Have developed a version of your maze. Having it as ThreeJS, it'll be posible to reuse all kind of models from places like https://sketchfab.com/ [Mindey, Nov 06 2019]

Thinking of a data format for this, for procedural generation. https://www.youtube...watch?v=VCb7PpFJIj0
[Mindey, Nov 06 2019]

Borg Cubes on SecondLife as Study Mazes? https://youtu.be/HCWBqjt6WMc
Who needs "Decentraland", when there's SecondLife? [Inyuki, May 05 2020]


       Not a bad idea at that; all education should interlock anyway instead of being linear.
Phrontistery, May 26 2012

       What's not to like? (+)   

       With the explanation given in the update, big [+] from me. I get it now, and that's just Gibsonesquely cool.
Alterother, May 26 2012

       [+] from me after the update. I remember years ago reading about a US college which had a week every year where you won the right to trash someone's dorm room provided you first solved some physics or engineering puzzle the left in front of their door. It could be a mechanical device affixed to the door lock or even a mathematical problem taped to the front of an unlocked door. Can't find the reference now though.
AusCan531, May 27 2012

       [bigsleep], not exactly. On one hand, I'm surprised it wasn't done in 1980s or 1990s, on the other hand, it's a somewhat supportive argument for the explanation of the Fermi paradox, saying something along the lines -- we don't see evidence of aliens, because they, instead of colonizing the universe, play games. I say "somewhat supportive," because I would anticipate that these kind of games would increase the ability of a civilisation to advance rather than diminish it.
Inyuki, May 27 2012

       [21 Quest], yea, I actually just tried to use game engine on the link, and just got something working (yey!). It mustn't be that hard. I would believe in open source platform, and making fun. I believe it must not be a torture for students, it has to be something that is enjoyed by both kids and adults (otherwise I guess we'd be missing the point), so yes, additional effects matter! If a big name game developer can contribute adding that, sure!
Inyuki, May 27 2012

       Some progress: see link, YouTube 3D Maze v 0.02.
Inyuki, Jun 14 2012

       StudyMaze.org -- just added some instructions on how to make one. You may want to check the /about, /start, /faq sections.
Inyuki, Aug 09 2012

       //tantamanaut// that would be someone who voyages through the maze?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2015

       [MaxwellBuchanan], you got me laughing. How nobody even noticed such typo for years. Yes, if you define it so, "tantamanauts" will be making every effort to get mankind from point A to B in the most efficient way.
Inyuki, Jan 18 2015

       So, cause there is firestormviewer.org, allowing to use SecondLife on Linux, -- just contract with universities, to sell them service of making underground Borg cubes in SecondLife, and hire existing makers, as well as build library for Blender to automate Borg cube making for SecodnLife? (see link)
Inyuki, May 05 2020

       Excellent idea, [Inyuki]. Presumably you know where to send the royalty payments ?
8th of 7, May 05 2020

       // Presumably you know where to send the royalty payments ?   

       The Borg, right. But before the royalties, it would be important to create a sales pipeline with SecondLife craftspeople behind to process it for this to take off. I figure, SecondLife craftspeople would be interested in working on it, as well as the schools to buy their Borg cubes.   

       There may be a global sales team approach, whoever is close to particular universities, and can discover sales people to convince craftspeople and universities to engage via managers of the initiative.
Inyuki, May 06 2020


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