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blind duel (videogame)

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This is a multiplayer game, where you play as two dueling guys.

However the twist is that both fighters in this game are blind. However they have the power of echolocation of clicking their tongue, but that will temporarily reveal their current position.

The multiplayer round could consist of either a gun, or a sword. The environment could be a plain silent room, or a complex jungle with other animals to distract you.

Unlike other dualing games, the loss of sight will change the game drastically from a twitch shooter or slasher, into a more calculating psychological game of predicting the movement ahead of the opponent.

Plus blind gamers could play this too!

mofosyne, Sep 09 2013


       Cool. I think it should be a competitive game between cannibalistic vampire bats. i think such a game would be interesting spacially, as it takes place in an upside down environment. Well, at least starts upside down and the disorientation of changing orientation from upsidedown to downsideup is challenging.
rcarty, Sep 09 2013


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