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Human- machine interaction that actually makes people better and happier
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Generally, AI research has focussed on either beating a human at some arbitrary game (chess, Go, Starcraft etc) or outperforming humans in some field of human endeavour.

Contrarily, it could explore the growth of human compassion in response to playing a computer game...

You are so engaged with the game, and you strive for your goals of (achievement of some arbitrary kind) that you don’t realise that your Machiavellian machinations for doing so are actually making you a benevolent dictator, a more caring, considerate person.

Frankx, Sep 18 2019

Benevolent dictator https://www.wired.c...operative-behavior/
Computer gaming can make you a better person? [Frankx, Sep 18 2019]


RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2019

       Yup, [RS], Eliza was the vanguard. I expect Siri and all to be doing the same soon
Frankx, Sep 19 2019

       The game would have to be orders of magnitude smarter to get someone's innate nature to change. It would have to be in a way that they get fun from the game while not feeling that they have been manipulated.   

       I feel this task is implemented better by the thousands of subtle social interactions of daily life with an advancing society.
wjt, Sep 21 2019


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