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3D printer types on smartphones

repurpose a 3d printer to tap on a touchscreen phone. Dial 1000 numbers a day on a real phone and even make fun images
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You could just use software, but that would be baked.

Why not put a touchscreen phone of any variety in a 3d printer, skip the polymer, and tap out what you have to say as a text?

Get a real phone for $9.99 at the grocery, then send 10,000 messages from it before it gets shut down.

beanangel, Jun 08 2018

Such things https://www.google....+touchscreen+tester
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Jun 08 2018]


       Widely baked: [link]   

       Also, a keyboard wedge is what you use to connect a barcode scanner to an old computer in between the keyboard cable and the keyboard port (because USB didn't exist yet, computers had only one keyboard port each, and barcode scanners didn't use serial for some reason), in case anyone was wondering.   

       Also, the title of the idea originally contained the term "keyboard wedge", in case anyone was wondering.
notexactly, Jun 08 2018

       very baked. [notexactly]'s url says "Tapster is a robot that automates mobile applications on a smartphone. ... Simulates a human finger on a capacitive touchscreen device"
beanangel, Jun 08 2018

       Now that the idea itself is out of the way, I'll ask a question about the title: why does it begin with a tab character?
notexactly, Jun 09 2018


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