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Antenna shirt

Phone lacking intensive antenna, so shirt enhances signal
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A shirt with a copper wire sewn into it, and a small transmitter that then retransmitts the cellular signal to and from your and everyone's phones. So you and your community of antenna shirt wearers have a good signal wherever you go.
pashute, Nov 03 2021

Wonder-Media_20Bra [xenzag, Nov 05 2021]


       Hat shirley
pocmloc, Nov 03 2021

       Too much copper right against your body could become a copper salt which is one of those bad things for you...
RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2021

       Ha! [pashute] yes - it seems like two ideas combined - antenna in clothing: ( perhaps done as a concept in a1’s link, but not WKTE) and an altruistic human signal-booster, using said antenna. So worthy of a [+] for altruistic thinking.   

       As an aside, I had an animated debate with a radio systems engineer about the plural of the word “antenna”. we concluded that insects have “antennae”, and radios have “antennas”.   

       I think (in the UK at least) you would run into transmitter licensing issues. You’d also have problems with interference, power supplies, and possibly power RF next to skin.   

       I remember a discussion with someone who lived in a remote valley in the Highlands. He wanted to use a passive array (a receiver antenna passively feeding a transmit antenna) to “beam” TV signals to his house- effectively a kind of waveguide. He was told by the Radiocommunications Agency that it wouldn’t be allowed as it was technically a transmitter!
Frankx, Nov 04 2021

       See last link for Wonderbra version posted in 2010. I always thought this was one of my best ideas.
xenzag, Nov 05 2021


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