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And another thing...

Let your Annanotherthing(TM) phone get the last word...
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Maybe this is just me, I dunno. Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar...

"So your bill is an aggregate of last month's refund combined with charges for the last seven weeks, and your talk time has been upgraded at no charge, and that's why your bill looks twice as large as normal."
"Oh. Okay."
"Thanks for your call. Bye!"
"Bye." (hangs up) "Ah damn, forgot to ask about this $1,000 dollar 'defenestration charge'..."

Now I flatter myself that I'm a pretty smart guy, but there's something about talking to company representatives on the phone that reduces me to a bumbling idiot. The same thing happens over and over again: I stumble through the conversation, hang up the phone and THE MOMENT I HANG UP THE PHONE I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID. Damn!

But now I have my new Annanotherthing(TM) phone, all this is in the past. It's automatically activated when I start dialling numbers in the middle of a call (it assumnes that I'm being hypnotized by another automated phone system), so I don't have to worry about turning it on. And it's so simple - I have my normal phone conversation, and I hang up. But the line isn't broken - whoever I was talking to gets a little recorded message saying "Oh hang on, there was just one litte thing... I'll remember in a sec, bear with me..." In the meantime, I've remembered what I should have said and yell "No! Wait!"... this signals the phone to reopen the line, and I can properly finish my conversation.

There's also the LastWord (TM) option, whereby the phone records your "No! Wait!" speech, then phones the person back and delivers it. Useful for arguments with ex-girlfriends, etc.

moomintroll, Apr 20 2005

au sujet de l'esprit https://en.wikipedi...iki/Ridicule_(film)
[pertinax, Nov 04 2021]


       Before you call, make a short lis of your objectives. Plan the call military style. You are in control, you are a tiger Rrraahhhaauu!
zeno, Apr 20 2005

       When are you going out with the Clever Post Argument Retort?
theircompetitor, Apr 20 2005

       I like it. Could also be coupled with a "what were we talking about again before we were so rudely interupted" feature.   





yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 20 2005

       Bun just for "defenestration charge."
Etymon, Apr 20 2005

       Bun for 'automatically activated .... " until I'm ROFLMAO.
reensure, Apr 20 2005

       I've had this happen to me twice in the last week - bun.
RobTheGreat, Apr 20 2005

       Makes me proud to be a baker!+ Also, I was meaning to tell you...
blissmiss, Apr 25 2005

       You're a jungle cat! "reyow!"
shapu, Apr 25 2005

       The cool French name for this phenomenon is l'esprit d'escalier, the "spirit of the staircase" - the words you think of while climbing down the stairs back to the street.
jutta, Apr 26 2005

       But jutta, I wasn't finished!
blissmiss, Apr 26 2005

       Churn, churn, churn...   

       Damn, jutta, you beat me to it! At least I can say that a better translation might be 'the wit of the stairs' and it is pronounced le-SPREE des-kal-i-YE. That's all I have to say. Bye!   

       Oh hang on, there was just one litte thing... I'll remember in a sec, bear with me...   

dbmag9, Jan 08 2006

       And if customer reps catch on, simply replace "Annanotherthing" with "I'd also like to purchase one of those . . . things . . . which . . . "
phundug, Jan 08 2006


       Defenestration: The act of removing a Micro$oft operating system from any device.
Minimal, Jan 09 2006

       Oh by the way ...
popbottle, Jan 02 2017

       Joining the conversation a few years later... Oh I just saw this now. [+] (and for the name too)
pashute, Nov 03 2021


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