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3 Layer Lens Cleaner

Clean, rinse, and dry.
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Super absorbent cloths are nice when you're out in the rain (and wearing glasses). A little less absorbency is called for when you want to clean off dirty thumbprints and greasy food bits, as the super absorbent cloth just soaks up the detergent. You can just carry two cloths, but it would be nice to have one cloth with three layers -- a large, super absorbent cloth, with a strip of impermeable material and thin, mildly absorbent cloth attached to one corner.
tiromancer, Dec 27 2004

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       I'll go with this - I hate wearing glasses, so now I've made the leap to contacts.   

       No more misting up when I walk in a warm room for me!
kmlabs, Jan 17 2005


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