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3D clean dwelling reference scan & application

The house is tidied. Then the quadcopter does a 3d laser scan of everything being where it should. Then the quadcopters use this to pick and place everything back to the reference pattern to keep everything tidy. Even for people like me.
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I benefit from tidy people, they decorate things, keep their vehicles clean, and generally keep the place spruced up.

Making this much easier: 1) tidy everything up once. 2) have a mini quadcopter with a 3d laser scanner scan the dwelling, then map all the items. 3) have other mini quadcopters pick and place everything back to their original places while the people are away if anything strays out of place.

This would be like having a tidy housemate, yet without interpersonal stress!

beanangel, Nov 16 2016

AutoTidy [pocmloc, Nov 17 2016]


       This could be extensively improved with cleaning attachments. At the lawn/driveway area the quadcopter could have an acoustic beam that vibrates the stray particles at the edge of the driveway, wiggling them towards a neat line. I am personally opposed to "beauty bark" yet beauty bark or similar could be jiggled back into neat tidy lines.   

       Products would be introduced so that all the exterior decorative perimeters could be wiggled back into place causing less "margin dissolve" at the outside of houses.
beanangel, Nov 16 2016

       I think AutoTidy would be a much better name for this don't you think? [link]
pocmloc, Nov 17 2016

       It won't be able to see into drawers, or identify the "this one goes by the phone" pen or pick up any of the many heavy things that also constitute clutter. But overall these are quibbles that could be ironed out. I like it.
Voice, Nov 17 2016

       Seem to remember that everything in the old Imperial Palace in Beijing had a dot pattern on it, which indicated which room it should be in, where in the room, which shelf it should be on...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2016

       Yes, but you know what recent studies are showing about memory ...   

       So, kind of a big picture Roomba crossed with Skynet ? I like it (+)
normzone, Nov 17 2016

       "Why is the hamster in my sock drawer?"
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2016


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