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AirHair Remover

a powerless car vac
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Dog hair inside the car,I noticed, sucks out the open window. So this invention popped into my head.

An engine free vacuum cleaner.

Simple: attach a scoop the size of your open hand, to a 4 foot section of hose- diameter needs to be tested. Put the scoop outside the window, in the wind, angle so the wind crosses the scoop creating a suction effect, and the hose end should pick up hair around the car interior. I must add- it is the passenger's job to vacuum while car is moving.

Is this a hosed idea? Does it Suck?


dentworth, Jul 31 2007


       But if you're driving, isn't the dog still in the car, shedding more hair? Oh, no, don't tell me, you didn't?!
DrCurry, Jul 31 2007

       Venturi effect vacuming for automobiles.... bun [+]
evilpenguin, Jul 31 2007

       Nice. [+]
nuclear hobo, Jul 31 2007

       thanks [evilpenguin] for telling me it's called the Venturi Effect. I looked that up.
dentworth, Jul 31 2007

       ventura effect.
po, Jul 31 2007

       + did this invention pop into your head as you opened the car window? Good job, as I have noticed it works even better if one of the front windows is partially opened and then you open the back window completely. It makes an entire whirlwind that blows out dust, hair and whatever else is airborne.
xandram, Jul 31 2007

       yes, I was the passenger, and with windows partly opened, I could swish out the fur. My corgi sheds horribly in the car.   

       But I was thinking about colder weather, when I wouldn't want to open the windows, the vacuum tube could fit through a smaller opening.
dentworth, Jul 31 2007

       A police spokesman says they're treating the deaths as suspicious. Not so much because both driver and hound were wearing pinnies, but because of the vehicle's extraordinarily clean carpets.   

       When questioned in hospital, the surviving passenger made a formal statement to police: 'I'd done the back, and my side, and I just needed him to lift his bloody feet up and then I was done. Was that so much to ask?'.
theNakedApiarist, Aug 01 2007


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