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Incredible opportunity lost...
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Whenever they use a telephone in the movies or on the savalas, they always use a 555 number. I guess they do that so people won't go home and try to call.

Wait a minute. Why not encourage them to call. Talk about a captive audience..

"Hello? If you are interested in buying a magazine subscription. press 1

To talk to the star you saw in the movie, for 2 pounds a minute, press 2

Care to meet local singles? press 3.

r_kreher, Jun 07 2008

Wired: Steve Wozniak and his 888-8888 http://www.wired.co...ve/6.09/woz_pr.html
Near end of article. [jutta, Jun 08 2008]

Jennyscan http://www.oldskool.../phreak/jenny07.txt
[n81641, Jun 08 2008]

Wikipedia: 867-5309 http://en.wikipedia...wiki/867-5309/Jenny
[jutta, Jun 08 2008]


       Or pay to get the telephone number itself, and surprise the actors when you pick up the call.
Ling, Jun 07 2008

       Not to mention 867-5309.
Bukkakinator, Jun 07 2008

       aaaaaaaaaaaate six seven five threeeeeeee ohhhhhh niiieeeeiiiiineeeee!!!! I LOVE that song!!!
r_kreher, Jun 07 2008

       Beechwood 4-5789
Laughs Last, Jun 07 2008

       "Whitehall One Two, One Two....."
8th of 7, Jun 07 2008

       There's a story about Steve Wozniak (sp?) of Apple fame snatching 888-888-8888 when the toll free 888 exchange became available. He dumped it quickly because he kept getting calls from children who had picked up the phone and began mashing the same button over and over...
phoenix, Jun 07 2008

       //aaaaaaaaaaaate six seven five threeeeeeee ohhhhhh niiieeeeiiiiineeeee!!!! //   

       Where I live, (in North Carolina), there is an 867 prefix area south of Fayettville. And there is, indeed an 867-5309. From what I have been told, the residents have grown weary of people calling up and asking to speak with "Jenny".
MikeD, Jun 08 2008

       i think this is genius. for real. i am in advertising and i am going to pitch the hell out of this until somebody buys it. nice job r_
124, Jun 13 2008


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