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A Good Social Network Friendlist

Make friend lists not public and not visible to friends by default, and visible only if two friends both decide to make their relationship to be visible to public or friends.
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The main reason why I don't use social networks is that they make my friends list public. If I could have friend list like in a messenger, and could make only some relationships preferred to be public, and they woul appear to public only if my friend also chose the relationship with me preferred to appear public would it really appear public. If in all other cases the relationships by default would be visible only to me, but not to my friends or public, only then would I prefer to use a social network.

(sorry, I am writing from mobile phooe, and it's inconvenient to go through long lis of categories to categorize the idea)

Inyuki, May 14 2010


       that is why I prefer email.
dentworth, May 14 2010

       [+] for a mobile phooe.   

       and yes [marked-for-category] something software or webbish.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2010


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