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6 Legged Chair

Never fall of and look stupid again!!!
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O.K so you are sitting on a chair with 4 legs and you lean back on the chair pushing back with you feet so that you are only on 2 legs of the chair which for most people is force of habit. Then crash you go flying backwards or the chair gives way, either way you are going to end up on your arse. So my chair has another 2 legs which fall down when the chair gets unsafe, this will stop many accidents for adults and children giving the chair the support it needs to stay on balance.
Turkish, Jan 24 2002

Shaker Tilter Chair http://www.shaker.c.../chairs/tilter.html
Not quite the same thing. The base of the chair legs pivot to stay flat on the floor. [waugsqueke, Jan 24 2002]

Homer J. Simpson's Six-Legged Chair http://www.redbrick.../sixleggedchair.jpg
[jutta, Jan 31 2002]


       Didn't Homer bake this (or was it Edison)?
mcscotland, Jan 24 2002

       they don't bang their bottoms, they crash on their heads. call ambulance (rebuild classroom)
po, Jan 24 2002

       5 legs would do the job as well.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 24 2002

       5 legs would mean one centrally placed, and you'd end up falling over sideways instead.   

       Homer did indeed bake this...
StarChaser, Jan 24 2002

       shake r' baked
thumbwax, Jan 25 2002

       Killjoys.. Why would we want to rid the world of the pure comedy of someone crashing backwards in an otherwise quiet office, library or classroom, enhanced only by them dragging their books / PC off the desk as they go.   

       It's nearly as funny as someone falling over like a sack of soil in the shower / bath
Gran Tade, Jan 25 2002

       If anyone has read Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Big Country" there is one passage in there that has some rather amusing statistics for injuries inflicted by mundane household objects.. such as beds, sofas etc. We arent talking about stubbed toes here either. These injuries were serious enough to need A&E attention. Leave the four legs on, articles such as these brighten up my day! (or am I just being cruel?)   

       Besides, even with 6 legged chairs, baked or not, some people would still find cunning ways to fall off.
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jan 25 2002

       Leaning back in a chair, puts an enourmous amount of sheer strain on its joints. So why not adapt the base of a rocking chair? Instead of describing an arc the rocking bit (rockers?) would be flat on the bottom under the seat so the chair would behave like an ordinary chair in normal use. When you leant back, you'd smoothly go onto the curved bits and be able to lean back in safety and comfort.

The only draw back I can see with this design is that the chairs would have ankle height rockers protuding out the back to catch the unwary.
Gordon Comstock, Jan 25 2002

       ...unless only the seat and seatback portion tilted. Then you'd have a chair-sized recliner. Or maybe more of a chair-sized hammock.
phoenix, Jan 25 2002

       perhaps you need training legs. Oh no...
thumbwax, Jan 25 2002

       i like gordons idea. But youre right, clumsy people like me would always hit their ankles on the rockers!   

       I love this site but its impossible to leave!
La-La, Jan 28 2002

       We only need 4 legs, making 2 three-legged stools. The Shaker tilter feet on the two shared legs would be a nice touch.   

       Which Homer?
hello_c, Jan 28 2002

       hello_c: Homer J
mcscotland, Jan 28 2002


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