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1-2 Armrest Adapter

Make your next flight a little more comfortable
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While in a waiting room today, I was reminded that many public seating areas today (doctors' offices, movie theaters, etc.) only have one armrest between adjacent seats. Thus two people sitting next to one another in a row of chairs cannot rest both of their arms on something.

I can't truly say if this is baked or not, or if I have found the right category for it, but I propose that there be a single-armrest adapter that you can buy and place on single armrests. It would have an adjustable velcro strap or knob-twisted clamp underneath to fix it to the single armrest. This product should have two forms: a rest that hangs a little bit over your lap and is only there for you to enjoy, and an armrest that sits on top of the existing armrest and provides arm support for 2 people.

polartomato, Jun 15 2002


       I like more the Berlin Wall armrest with a ridge in the middle. It would keep over-amorous males on their side and keep two would-be alpha-males from getting into a fight on a flight as has happened.
FarmerJohn, Jun 15 2002

       armwrestle? anyone?
po, Jun 15 2002

       This would make for a nice retrofit device.
phoenix, Jun 17 2002

       I like all the social grace this idea generated. I thought by the title that the idea was to built chairs with low-cut scoop armrests so a 1 or 2 armed person could rise easier therefrom.
reensure, Jun 17 2002

       bob and farmer- I had not fully realized that there was so much political turf could be decided over an armrest. So that's what those hairy-armed gorillas were up to.   

       [bobofthefuture]: There was no original plan to have a satin-covered edition, but that could be worked out for special orders only.   

       [phoenix]- It probably would work best as a retrofit, which would eliminate the difficulties inherent in trying to carry a very awkward and suspicious hunk of rubber around with you, especially with the heightened security these days. Cuprests come standard.   

       [reensure], you may be on to something, if not this specific idea... and as long as people with 3 or more arms stay as rare as they are.
polartomato, Jun 17 2002

       It should come with a range of 'socks' which can be put over the armrests. This would allow you to set it up so that *your* armrest is padded satin with brocade trimmings but your neighbour's armrest is cheap vinyl. Thus, everyone would know exactly whose armrest it was.

Problems may arise if two people sit next to each other and both want to use their armrest adaptor on the same armrest.
hippo, Jun 18 2002

       Naughty, naughty. But I like it.   

       I attempted to address the problem of dueling armrests by saying that you could either have a single or a double adaptor in the description... it's kind of difficult to explain:   

       The adaptor, by default, comes with two "wings" on it. There is a central mounting unit. It has been intensively designed so that if one "wing" is removed from either side, the other wing can be used independently. Thus you wouldn't have to have an alpha male (?) confrontation- you could mount 2 armrests or attach the other person's armrest to yours and then remove it again. I recommend the former. If the other person is creepy and without said armrest, you could still leave part of the existing armrest open for them to use.
polartomato, Jun 18 2002


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