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Recliner to relax in and work out in
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It looks like a La-Z-Boy and feels like a La-Z-Boy, but the Bi-Z-Boy is much more. The footrest, backrest and armrests are all movable and connected to interior weights so you can stay Bi-Z while still sitting in front of the TV or guests.

To use, settle comfortably into the sweat-repellant, faux plastic recliner and fasten the Velcro straps over the legs, arms, chest and forehead (think electric chair). The last straps can be fastened on the right arm, after grabbing the TV remote, by leaning forward and using the teeth-friendly tabs. Next time there’s a commercial or a pause in conversation, instead of being La-Z or getting more snacks, exercise your pecs, abs, quads, glutes and biceps while sitting pretty in a Co-Z recliner.

FarmerJohn, Sep 21 2003


       Isn't this the problem with ALL of this workout gear? It promises to give you an easy and relexing workout!! The POINT about a WORKOUT is that it involves WORK!!! hard WORK. There is no way to make a HARD workout easy and relaxing....else it just ISN'T a workout!!!! Sorry to shout, but this stuff always gets my goat...People buy that gear, and never use it because they find out that using it involves WORKing HARD..I think that this idea is probably a parody of these type of home gym equipment, so I'm bunning it......
Minimal, Jul 05 2005

       I thought it was a parody of cutesy marketing names like "TastiPax". Maybe it's both.
wagster, Jul 05 2005


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