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Chair Alarm

An alarm that wakes you up when you fall alseep in your chair
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Everyones done it, yes? I've done it, my father does it almost every night... there are points in everyones life when the world wears you down to the point where you just cant concentrate anymore, and fall asleep in your chair. This, as well as being potentially dangerous, is very uncomfortable, and quite humiliating. What would be good is an alarm that registers periods of unconciousness, maybe by measuring breathing rate or heartbeat, and is programmed so that when breathing or heartbeat reaches a certain level it would beep and maybe shake the chair a little bit to wake the sleeper. This could be either built into the chair or made as a clip on with those little node things ((that ive toatlly forgotten the name for)) to measure the body statistics. It would also have the option of turning it off, so as not to get too anoying, and various degrees of alarm, if someone is a heavy or light sleeper
Zali, Jan 23 2003

Nap Zapper http://besafeproduc...78&p=&x=10&y=520#78
A No-Doz alarm for Senor Bensini. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Get yourself a Noddy hat http://www.traditio...uk/images/noddy.jpg
The bell will ring every time you nod off. Of course, everyone will laugh at you, but that's just the price of progress. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       car seats.
po, Jan 23 2003

       you could make one for the workplace, its the same principal i guess, a lever on the side so it would keep you in a rigidly straight uncomfortable position so you wouldnt fall alseep due to back pain, and also having the added bonus of a secret pocket of excuses to memorise when your boss catches you snoozing
Zali, Jan 23 2003

       A pew alarm would help quite a bit during some sermons.   

       Damn , y'all, what's so bad about napping in an armchair? S'pose you've had a heavy meal, you're kicking back in your favorite cozy chair with your slippers on, feet up on the ottoman, feeling pleasantly drowsy, when out of nowhere - BZZZZZT! You're jolted into reality.   

snarfyguy, Jan 23 2003

       I put the fishbone in for you, snarfy.
thumbwax, Jan 23 2003

       I'll put in another fishbone. Why on earth would you want to disturb a good nap, one of the greatest things in life?
lumpy, Jan 23 2003

       How the hell is falling asleep in a chair "potentially dangerous"?
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2003

       Bliss, notice the category is Home Furniture.
lumpy, Jan 23 2003

       [waugs] check to see if its plugged in.
po, Jan 23 2003

       I stand up in my sleep,maybe i can find a wall that will make me sit down when i nod off.
skinflaps, Jan 23 2003

       //Everyones done it, yes?//   

madradish, Jan 23 2003

       Baked. That japanese guy who invents useless things (like a toliet paper dispenser you wear on your head-so you know you have some whereever you go) invented just such a wake up alarm. You where the alarm on you ear (sort of like a boom-mic that wraps around your ear) and if your head dips, the alarm goes off. It was made to keep people awake while driving. I wish I could find a link for it...
bensini, Jan 24 2003

       See link. Interestingly, there were at least two other links on the same Google index page for "doze alarms" to previous 1/2bakery postings. Seems we have covered this rather well in previous discussions.
jurist, Jan 24 2003

       /when I awoke there was drool everywhere//   

       Bliss, I hope you managed to slap him one.
egbert, Jan 24 2003

       Can [thumb] do an emoticon for wise ass?   

       PS (-) for spoiling a good nap.
egbert, Jan 24 2003

       [blissmiss].. thanks for your support. lol. who wants to sleep in a chair when you could sleep in a BED??? its better for your back and spine and consequently everything associated with it, and besides, you look pathetic. my dad does it all the time.. its so sad...
oh, and to [waugsqueke], cause you can spill stuff on your self, like wine, food, whatever youve got in your hand, you get in peoples way, and in certain chairs you can fall out of them, or backwards or something and if you dont ge rudly awakened by the alarm youd be rudly awakened by someone else either way.
*shrugs and blows raspberries at you all*
Zali, Jan 25 2003

       Well, (s)he's someone who knows how to take criticism. Another happy customer!
snarfyguy, Jan 25 2003

       Falling asleep at work can be quite hazardous to one's ego. Something about waking up with keyboard face, a 'kick me' sign around your neck, and a pile of shaving cream in your hair is enough to prevent it from happening again.
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2003

       What's with the drool-fixation, [bliss]?
PeterSilly, Jan 27 2003

       How about a recliner-type chair (like an EZ Boy) that detects if you've fallen asleep and converts into a bed? I want one for my office now.
kropotkin, Jan 27 2003

       did i mention it comes with a free bib?
Zali, Jan 28 2003


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