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Bubble Bag

Polystyrene Mould covered in Bubble Wrap layers.
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Bubble Wrap is dirt cheap these days. It's readily available from industrial packaging suppliers or is always thrown out by a delivery recipient.

A concave piece of polystyrene can be wrapped in layer after layer of industrial sized bubble wrap. Cover the chair with a cheap throw over and you have a cheap and very comfortable seat.

A piece of felt or non-slip material attached to the bottom will prevent the chair from sliding around.

Simply replace the bubble wrap layers when they eventually pop.

I reckon a chair done this way will cost about £3 sterling. I made one for my child and it only just needs relayering now after 8 months.

grippit, Jan 22 2004


       How long did you take to make it, and what value do you place on your time?   

       If it's worth making, make it with industrial strength air bubbles (i.e., ones that won't pop after a few months).
DrCurry, Jan 22 2004

       I'm considering posting "Garbage Bag" a slightly less comfortable more smelly yet cheaper version of this.
Worldgineer, Jan 22 2004

       The polystyrene mould took about 30 mins to carve out and seal with glue, this is now reusable. The cutting of the bubble wrap layers took about 10 mins and the assembly about 20 mins.   

       Not bad when you can get your child to help you as well. I thought it was quite educational for a 5 year old, he loved glueing the polystyrene and popping the bubbles.
grippit, Jan 23 2004

       If it's worth making, make it with industrial strength air bubbles (i.e., ones that won't pop after a few months). [DrCurry]   

       Good idea, however the price jumps up to £8 sterling and it was cheapness I was after. We live in a shack on the edge of town. STIG-O-THE-DUMP style!
grippit, Jan 23 2004

       Why did you call this "bubble bag" instead of "bubble chair" or "bubble furniture"? I can't spot the bag.   

       Good idea though.
dobtabulous, Jan 23 2004

       I thought it was similar to Bean Bag.
grippit, Jan 23 2004

       When we were moving lab a year or so ago, we had a 1.8m wide roll of bubble wrap. Six layers of this were placed on the (now empty) floor of the lab to form a bubble wrap dojo. Those lab members with expertise in martial arts had much fun throwing each other about to the sound of popping.
hazel, Jan 23 2004

       grippit: If you can make a chair for £8 that you could presumably sell at craft fairs for £50+, I think you have a business that could get you out of that shack. Though if it has Internet access, I guess you might not want to move.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2004


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