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765,000 volt nests

protection for endangered birds from egg hunters
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House nesting sites for endangered birds on top of high voltage pylons. The birds will be perfectly safe and happy. Metal ladders could be left lying nearby to entice prospective egg hunters.
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

Polish Pylons http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/3064985.stm
Proof that birds love to nest in pylons [xenzag, Sep 29 2006, last modified Jan 11 2008]

765,000 volt nests https://sodabred.tu...ts-a-halfbaked-idea
tumblr illustration [xenzag, Jun 19 2019]

Where this thing might live https://youtu.be/zq8cQd0N4NM
[pertinax, Jun 21 2019]


       Birds nest on high tension towers as it is, so the idea consists of putting up a bird house?
ldischler, Aug 25 2006

       yep - but only for birds - you won't like it up there, unless you fancy becoming an allotrope of carbon
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       Is there something significant about 765,000 volts as opposed to any other large number?
DrBob, Aug 25 2006

       Nope - any massive voltage will do, but must be into 6 figures.
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       Ah, I see. But isn't it the amps that kill you, not the voltage?
DrBob, Aug 25 2006

       You could be right, but I never argue with high tension cables.
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       I don't really want to churn this up, but it always annoyed me that it got boned for being a bad idea, when I care a lot for the welfare of all animals. So here is some evidence that birds do in fact love to nest in pylons - see link
xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       Illustration transferred - last link
xenzag, Jun 19 2019

       This will not stop the parasitic Cuckoos.
wjt, Jun 21 2019

       A year or two ago I was working at a transmission/distribution company, and one of their safety videos featured an anthropomorphic owl character in a hi-viz shirt.   

       This is probably where he roosts.
pertinax, Jun 21 2019

       // anthropomorphic owl character //   

       Hmm… Owls can't turn their heads all the way around and back to the front, nor can they move their eyes in their sockets (because they have eyecylinders rather than eyeballs).
notexactly, Jun 21 2019

       // Owls can't turn their heads all the way around and back to the front //   

       Not like cats, then.
8th of 7, Jun 21 2019


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