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Elongated Shoulder Pad

Room for 2! parrots.
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This shoulder pad is twice as wide as a regular shoulder pad, resulting in additional shoulder-top purchase.
Laughs Last, Jan 01 2012

Baked? http://farm5.static...6844_b03fb2767d.jpg
[normzone, Jan 05 2012]


       Would it be capable of supporting a cup of coffee and a cup of coffee?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2012

       What are the figures for rhinoceros supportage?
Alterother, Jan 02 2012

       but you already have two shoulders, providing room for two parrots.   

       So this makes you wonder, would you use only one elongated shoulder pad? Then you could hold only three parrots.   

       And if you have two parrots, one on each shoulder, could they act like the devil/angel setup like in so many cartoons? Would they instinctively take up this behavior?   

       Or could two parrots counter-balance one large bird, like a hawk, on the other shoulder? Would the hawk eat the parrots? Could he be trained not to?   

       We could go on and on all day with this
EdwinBakery, Jan 04 2012

       ...or at least 'til we pine for the fjords.   

       // Would the hawk eat the parrots? //   

       How much time have you spent around parrots, mate? They can get pretty vicious (a møøse bit my sister once, yöu knøw). I think the relevant question is would the hawks and parrots try to eat each other (very likely), and if so, do you really want to have your head between them?
Alterother, Jan 04 2012

       It's just as well there's only //Room for 2! parrots//. Imagine there being room for 3! of them...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2012

       Then you'd have to start stacking them in a parrot pyramid.   

       As far as a parrot on each shoulder, well that's just silly. How are you supposed to feed the parrot on your right shoulder with a hook on your left arm?
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012

       Isn't the hook a result of doing just that?
Alterother, Jan 05 2012

       No, I think that was from the hawk.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012


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