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Hot sand bird bath

For cold birds
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It gets really cold in some places. Yet birds persist. Well meaning homeowners sometimes put out heated bird baths, which the birds really like. Unfortunately, the birds must then spend the remainder of the winter in the heated bath, which they never figure out, because returning to the trees and bushed soaking wet means they freeze. This is bad for the birds and bad for homeowner morale.

BUNGCO figured it out! Birds like to thrash around in sand and dust also, and these substances do not adhere, cool and cause the freezing risk of water. The Hot Sand Bird Bath contains thrashworthy sand to let cold birds warm up. Snow landing on the sand turns to water and melts away through the bottom, leaving the sand warm and dry.

Now keep your bird friends toasty warm and not dead because of you!

bungston, Mar 31 2019


       This is an excellent idea. You could also maintain the hot sand as a fluidized bed, allowing the birds to immerse themselves more easily.   

       You could also have a remote control for the temperature so that if, for example, a quail or partridge lands in the sand bath, you can just tweak the temperature to about 190°C until it's done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2019

       bout time they got their just desserts.   

       Kind treatment of birds. Add some croissants to complete the care package. {+}
xenzag, Mar 31 2019


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