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Pigeon UAV

An affordable solution for tribal people
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Last I heard, there are some parts of this world where official mail delivery still happens with help of trained pigeons. These parts are remote and in deep jungles where tribal people live.

If someone from these tribes wants to use inte UAV ( Unmanned aerial vehicle) for surveying surrounding area, trained pigeons (or falcons) might come in handy. Pigeons would fly around with camera and transmitter. Pigeons will be fitted with remote controlled two prongs, one on each side of the head. This is for direction control.

If we want the bird to move left, left prong gently taps the head. Same for right.

Knowing that pigeons can fly upto 1000's of miles non-stop at speeds of 70miles/hr, deliveries within city sized areas might be will reliable and simple to achieve.

VJW, Jan 28 2011


VJW, Jan 28 2011

       Do pigeons turn in response to a tap on the head, though?
Alx_xlA, Jan 28 2011

       They can be trained, hopefully.
VJW, Jan 28 2011

       google pigeon - a title not an order.
po, Jan 28 2011

       Ian, I hope fellow bakers would chip in for calculations.   

       A pigeon will have to be used only for smaller area, even though it is capable of going 1000's of miles. If the weight is too much to carry we can upgrade to falcons. There are RC planes available with SERVOS which weigh 5 grams. So weight problem can be tackled. Small pinole cameras weigh just few grams.   

       They will have to be trained to not to wander outside the range.
VJW, Jan 28 2011

       what's in it for the bird?
po, Jan 28 2011

       bird gets loyalty benefits.
VJW, Jan 28 2011

       A stripped down version of this would be tying a digital camera (pointing downward in recording mode) to a trained pigeon or a falcon. Bird roams around for some time while camera keeps shooting the video. Later, video is offloaded from camera. No special hardware needed except digital camera.
VJW, Jan 28 2011

       Loyalty benefits? That sounds like what replaced the profit sharing plan that I signed on for at my workplace.
normzone, Jan 28 2011

       Deep in the Jungle a conversation takes place: "Where'd you get that surveillance equipment?"   

       "We found it!"   

       "Found it, in the Jungle? That Camera is from the developed world!"   

       "What do you mean?"   

       "Well, this is a tropical Zone"   

       "The pigeon may fly south with the sun!"   

       "Are you…suggesting...surveillance equipment migrates?"   

       "Not at all, it could be carried!"   

       Finally we get to the nexus of the matter, VJW.   

       "What..is the air-speed velocity of an unladen pigeon?"   

       (It COULD be carried by an African Pigeon!)   

       Edit* I don't know if this qualifies as UAV. Seeing as its Pigeon based technology.
KAGE, Jan 28 2011

       We don't knowAAAAAAAAHHHHH RRRRRaaaaaagh ... <thud>   

       Yes, but not outside Africa, since it is well known that African pigeons are non-migratory ....   


       Do we hear someone riding a horse, or are they using coconuts ?
8th of 7, Jan 28 2011

       Why not a pigeon-bot then?
xandram, Jan 28 2011

       Using animals for such purposes is not new. I heard they use rats who carry bombs on their backs and go to unreachable places. Yeah, I think it was a hollywood flick. Using trained monkeys for thefts is not new either.   

       //what's in it for the bird// Bird also gets to feel proud for selfless service to mankind.
VJW, Jan 29 2011


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