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AA Equilateral Triangle

Stabler battery arrangement - not just an echo
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I carry a doorbell receiver with me around the house in order that the Aged P can contact me in case he suffers a mishap. Unfortunately it's not terribly reliable because the terminals of the AA batteries inside it are linked by a springy bit of wire which is not anchored to anything and it can easily slip out of place, so I have to keep fiddling with it and testing it.

The stablest shape is supposed to be triangular. If batteries were arranged in this shape, they could form a more straightforward circuit without needing to be either placed opposite each other or have an extra bit of wiring to loop the current round. It would mean they were less likely to become dislodged, make a simpler circuit, meaning less wiring, and easier to remove and insert without disturbing the other batteries one has just inserted.

This is a triangular battery compartment with the AA batteries forming the sides and conductive terminals at the corners.

It would also overcome the tendency to base everything on right angles, which would please the Skloodzi and the trups.

nineteenthly, Dec 21 2017


       I had a tiny bright led toy thing that was likely less than $1, it had a tiny lithium rechargeable battery and a USB port, That is so cheap I think AA batteries are not long for this earth. They just need to make a version of your device that makes sense.   

       They can make those foil wrapped cheese wrappers pretty cheaply though, so I think your idea has potential.
beanangel, Dec 21 2017

       Thanks [beanangel]. I don't think they can be around for that long either although there's still the question of legacy stuff, such as doorbells come to think of it.
nineteenthly, Dec 21 2017

       Could you not just wifi-enable your Aged P?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 21 2017

       You have to take flexibility, or the lack thereof, into consideration there.
nineteenthly, Dec 21 2017


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