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Bagpipe airturbine mobile power

Squeezing out a few watts of juice with that pillow under my arm, laddie.
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Hand cranked devices or solar panels for re-charging cell phone, etc... are becomming all the rage, but they are not well integrated with the ongoing pace of life. We can't be stopping to unfold panels or madly crank cranks while waiting for our mobile electronic devices to be re-charged, now can we?

I remember reading something about a system that installed in a kneepad and used the flexing of that joint to generate electricity for mobile electronics. I personally like the idea; although I’m sure it would become uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time.

Others here have posted ideas for mobile power generated from the users motion via the lungs and blood flow, etc... all of which require fairly invasive installation. No thanks.

The most comfortable thing I can imagine is an air pillow that fits under my arm, in a holster somewhat like those used for a concealed gun and which I can squeeze to force air out through a micro sized turbine to generate electricity.

As I chat on my cell phone or browse the web my left arm calmly rises and falls, building up my deltoid (on that side only), ensuring I never want for power, and that am left completely alone by anyone who sees me.

Given adequate practice, I bet I can play simple songs on the micro turbine by varying the pressure I put on the bag.

James Newton, Mar 13 2009

Lung powered Generator Lung_20powered_20Generator
Installing things inside the body to generate power. [James Newton, Mar 13 2009]


       If you worked it between your thighs, you could keep your hands free to do macrame. And you would look like Suzanne Somers when you were done.   

       Sorry - I meant even _more_ like Suzanne Somers.
bungston, Mar 13 2009

       This is just a larger version of my tiny personal generator idea, which I liked so much that I submitted it to the Google Competition.
MisterQED, Mar 13 2009

       Just so long as you don't actually have any means of playing a "tune" on it. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 13 2009


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