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Battery Pack

Reduce size of commercially available personal interconnectivity devices (PICs)
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Since batteries, disk drives, film canisters, backlights and antennæ seem to be the parts that create the bulkiest devices--consolidate them into a pack that could be worn on the waist. Tie them into the PIC with a single hybrid wire/fiberoptic cable.
reensure, Jun 24 2000

Reviving old threads https://xkcd.com/2363/
[kdf, Sep 23 2020]


       Having mulled this idea over for a bit, I'm not sure the inconvenience outweighs the potential advantages
hippo, Sep 23 2020

       Goodness, you'd look like a Borg wanna-be. Who on Earth would want THAT?
kdf, Sep 23 2020

       Hippo, I only noticed this idea because your annotation brought it to the top of the recent list. But it's from 2000 (link) - have you really been mulling it over for twenty years of subjective time, or have you been time travelling again?
kdf, Sep 23 2020

       Also, in the intervening 20 years, all that stuff has become much smaller (or obsolete...). Pretty much the only part that could benefit from this is having a larger battery.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 23 2020

       Or perhaps a battery with the same form factor, but much higher capacity ... ?   

       // you'd look like a Borg wanna-be. Who on Earth would want THAT? //   

       We are sure that you can be convinced of the innumerable advantages ...
8th of 7, Sep 23 2020

       "We are sure that you can be convinced"
-8th of 7, Sep 23 2020

       Had much luck with that approach lately? I mean, you can't even hold the interest of folks on a museum tour that they paid for ... they probably wander off during your assimilation sales pitch too.   

       Face it 8th, the Borg tricked you. Distracted you by giving you a pound for a cup of tea - then left while you were busy stuffing your pockets with free cream and sugar packets.
kdf, Sep 23 2020


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