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Built-in strength-indicator for non-rechargeables
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This ought to be thoroughly baked by colour-change or whatever, but tedious searching - Web/'Bakery - revealed no cheap throw-away dry-batteries on the market with this feature.

Now tell me you can buy them in any store in Oshkosh, Wis., and I'll order a heap in assorted sizes.

N.B I'd like to see merely by a glance at the exposed ends of the batteries, how much life each has.

I know you can get cheap battery-testers, but I want to test the batteries in their place as would any sight-impaired person, being reluctant to remove the batteries and have them skitter everywhere.

OK OK. I'll settle for a separate probe-thingy that lights up when touched to each exposed end.

Got them in Oshkosh already have they? Clever people those Oshkoshians.

rayfo, Jun 10 2001

Damn rabbit http://www.energize...eries.asp?year=1995
Baked For Some Time. [lurch, Oct 04 2004]


       I've used some batteries with battery testers built in to them, of the "press here, wait five seconds, see the green stripe appear (or not)" variety. These were everyday use-once AA cells, Energizer brand, I think.   

       You probably still need to remove the battery from the device to test it though.   

       [addendum for juvare: I am talking about batteries with testers built into the cell itself, not into the package.]
wiml, Jun 10 2001, last modified Jun 11 2001

       wiml, I think rayfo wants them built-in the battery, not the package.   

       >>LATER: wiml, I've never seen the batteries you speak of but apparently sirrobin and CasaLoco have. Therefore, hat tip for the correction.<<
iuvare, Jun 10 2001, last modified Jun 11 2001

       The energizers I have on my desk here have them built into the casing of the battery, not the package. It's awkward but if the battery compartment on the device they're used in is shaped right it is possible to test them in place.

This is the kind of feature you would expect to be hyped on the product's web page but I couldn't find any mention there at all (otherwise I would have linked it hours ago).
sirrobin, Jun 10 2001

       Make them Bio-degradable:- They turn to dust when they run out.
RobertKidney, Jun 10 2001

       This idea is as necessary as a way to tell how dried-out is an unopened can of paint.
reensure, Jun 10 2001

       his idea is SOOOOoooo baked. For about 7 years in fact!!! Don't they have batteries with built in testers in the US?
CasaLoco, Jun 10 2001

       If it's baked, give a link!   

       OK thanks. Still nice idea, and I never saw it either.
pashute, Nov 13 2002


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