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AIM smiley t-shirts

Show your AIM pride.
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AOL's AIM program has more than a dozen smiley faces you can use in your messages to your friends. Each smiley face should be blown up and printed on t-shirts. Smiley shirt, grinning shirt, surprised shirt, crying shirt, yelling shirt, sad shirt. Etc.

I'm sure it would be a great product for students. Schools everywhere would have students running around with the shirts on. 2 weeks later, the fad would die off and no one would wear them ever again.

go77, Apr 07 2002

AIM t-shirts http://www.aimoveme...rg/store/index.html
[mrthingy, Apr 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'm all for blowing up the smiley faces.
bristolz, Apr 07 2002

       I'm for this solely because you point out how quickly this gimmicky fad will die. Good call.
devilben, Apr 07 2002

       Seems to me there are enough smiley face products as it is.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 07 2002

       Smileys on t-shirts? A new idea? Where, go77, where you in the 1988, the second summer of love?
calum, Apr 08 2002

       If you had all the t-shirt down to 1" below your arm pits as a "holder" and a full length zip around the bottom of this you could zip it up to "tubes" of the same fabric with zips on top and bottom to enable smileys or other images with 180 degree rotational symmetry to be used to express good and bad?   

       Also useful if you are a messy eater as M size people could use XXL size "tubes" 4 days running as the stains would be below your waistband and/or hidden if you like to wear a waistcoat   

       FB not into fashion statements
johnbullas, Apr 08 2002

       I'm with Devilben in the plus-because-it-will-die-quickly category. Anything that makes moronic teenagers blow their money on worthless crap is a plus in my books.   

       I'm reminded of the original mood-rings. The materials used were known beforehand to wear out in a few years, but the manufacturers decided against finding new materials, sure that the fad would die long before then. They were right.   

       On a related note, anyone for lewd ASCII designs on t-shirts?
Delcan, Apr 10 2002


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