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Signal Shirts

International Marine Signal Flag T-shirts
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On each warm, Egyptian cotton T-shirt is printed a large marine signal, front and back, in bright, primary colors. Buy the whole collection of 36 (A-Z and 0-9) to protect any group of adventurers.

Imagine a lost troop of scouts lying in a field spelling out “HELP US” or roped, stranded mountaineers displaying “COME QUIKLY” up the side of a precipice. Heavy-duty snaps at each sleeve mean that the shirts do not have to be worn to be seen, but can be joined to hang between two deserted island palm trees showing “PHONE91I”, or why not a flapping, colorful “SO5” between the bow and mast of a lost-at-sea raft?

FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004

International Marine Signal Flags http://www.anbg.gov...s/signal-flags.html
[FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004]

Nautical Flag T-Shirt http://www.unflags.com/insiflt.html
Let's hope the rescue party is wearing this. [jurist, Nov 28 2004]


       Murphy's Law being what it is, you have to expect a certain amount of disorder in dire events, and that conjures an image of prone boyscouts spelling "HE PLUS", and a strand of mountaineers displaying "MY CLIQUE OK". Both messages might leave viewers a bit perplexed as to what the fuss is all about. That is, provided they brought their Handy Marine Signal Flag Decoding Chart along in the first place. (See T-Shirt link)   

       Nonetheless, I'd take a set of FJ Signal Shirts just for everyday wear.
jurist, Nov 28 2004

       //"MY CLIQUE OK"//. Hilarious!.
Of course if little Johnny was unfortunately lost then the rest of the troupe would be more limited with their Help messages.
Perhaps if 2 out of 3 wore 'S' and the remainder wore 'O' you might have a fighting chance.
gnomethang, Nov 28 2004

       Each of these flags also has a meaning when used alone. While intended for navigation at sea, they're quite suitable for many everyday situations.   

       [In the bar. Late.]
Joe: F
Sheila: D
Bruce: Q
Sheila: G
Bruce: H

       [Soon after, Sheila's place.]
Sheila: R
[They fall onto the couch.]
Bruce: A
[Both signal passionately.]
Bruce: S C B O
Sheila: C C K X B
Sheila: W

       [Next morning.]
Bruce: I
Sheila: E
Bruce: J
jutta, Nov 28 2004

       Ha, good one!
FarmerJohn, Nov 28 2004

jurist, Nov 29 2004

       Wow! +   

       I have been trying to learn the flag/letter correspondence (let alone the flag meanings!) for a while without much success, mostly because I have had little chance to practice. This could be the ticket!
csea, Nov 29 2004


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