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Partum T

"Born again" T-shirt
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Another in Vatican-co's long line of anthropomorphized clothing, the Partum-T depicts the upside down female body giving birth to the wearer's head. Sleeves are analogized as legs, and the collar as the vaginal opening. The torso, head and arms are depicted upside down on the front of the T with the full version showing the bottom opening of the shirt as a mouth, while the eyes, nose and ears are depicted on the back of the T. That version would take lots of anatomical scale magic so a simple 2d depiction of the torso, head and arms upsidedown the front of the T might work better. Long sleeves would also reduce the amount of scale readjustment you would have to do.

If you wanted to cut out a significant percentage of your customers you could call them pro-life shirts.

A variation on this style would be the Monkey Pooping T.

JesusHChrist, Jan 05 2014


       better make it a turtleneck
sninctown, Jan 05 2014

       Popular with the Bald?   

       Likely to get you grabbed by your ankles, turned upside down and smacked smartly on your bottom until you cry. Kinky?
popbottle, Jan 05 2014


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