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Soul-Capturing T-Shirt

E-Ink, digital camera, face-detection, Che Guevara
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Mini-digital camera sewn into the front of t-shirt.

E-Ink display on the front of t-shirt.

Computer-on-a-chip , image processing software : primarily face-detection.

Walkman type controls.

Sales assistant annoys you ? Need to break the ice at parties ?

<reverb-effect>CAPTURE THEIR SOUL. </reverb-effect>

Wear their likeness on your chest instantly; optionally processed with built- in templates:

- Che Guevara - "Stupid--->" - The Devil - Elton John (Rocketman era) - Elgar -Groucho Marx Disguise - Venus de Milo

monojohnny, Sep 12 2008

link as a link. http://www.spinaltapfan.com/?source=404
no charge for this service. [po, Sep 18 2008]

justice video http://theinspirati...ance-on-tee-shirts/
[williamsmatt, Sep 19 2008]


       I'll probably pass on the templates, but I like the idea. And this will probably be bakeable in a few years.
normzone, Sep 12 2008

       Or this one if you prefer:   

       http://www.spinaltapfan.com/at ozed/TAP00255.HTM
monojohnny, Sep 15 2008

       Brilliant for use with anyone who is angry or shouting at you. E.g. parents at soccer game, angry customer, out of control teen... They suddenly find themselves staring at a digital recording of their own twisted, hate filled face.
James Newton, Sep 15 2008

       Very nice (+).
MisterQED, Sep 15 2008

       And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. ... Dunno, just seems to fit here. +
daseva, Sep 15 2008

       + I have wished for this...
xandram, Sep 16 2008

       Or install the camera back to front and have a live video feed of your chest, on your chest.
hippo, Sep 16 2008

       What - hang on - can't I just hang a mirror around my neck?
FishFinger, Sep 16 2008

       I guess a mirror-round-the- neck would be a cheap alternative : but technically speaking this would only capture their 'anti-soul' , and you would need to follow them round and point yourself at them to maintain the soul- trap.
monojohnny, Sep 16 2008

       Nice reverb - how did you do it?
wagster, Sep 17 2008


       Wow, I haven't visited the bakery for about 5 years and the first idea I read kicks ass :)
sambwiches, Sep 17 2008

       p.s. Have a bun my friend.
sambwiches, Sep 17 2008

       Same here! [+]
Adze, Sep 18 2008

       <reverb> BUN </reverb>
theleopard, Sep 18 2008

       this idea reminds me of a great music video by JUSTICE. nice one with the soul capture.
williamsmatt, Sep 19 2008

       Donna D'Erico's breasts, to be displayed life-size, on my otherwise masculine torso.
elhigh, Sep 24 2008


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