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Stereograph T-Shirts

3D images popping out at unwary strangers...
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You know stereographs -- they're those posters that have two stereoscopic pictures or one picture with two superposed stereoscopic images, designed to give a three-dimensional effect when you look at them the right way -- if you stare long enough, you see a dolphin jumping out at you or something. Well, I'm thinking they should make t-shirts with sterograph breast designs on them -- imagine the look on peoples' faces when they stare and stare and stare and finally...boing!
JT, Jul 06 2000

SGI Cosmo T-shirt http://reality.sgi....COSMO-T/cosmoT.html
Baked. (OK, it's on the back, not the front...) [egnor, Jul 06 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       The problem here is if the person already has any clevage at all. SIRDS generally have to be flat for the illusion to work. So, if GUYS want to go around with SIRD breasts, then this might be popular, otherwise, thumbs down.
robbob, Jul 09 2000

       I hate those things, they've only ever given me headaches. Considering you have to stare at the thing for at least several seconds, if not minutes, It's hardly 'popping out at you'...I do like the shock effect of seeing them figure out what it actually is, though...
StarChaser, Jul 09 2000

       In practice, this probably doesn't work for all the reasons listed; but I like the theory.   

       I like having people invest an unusual amount of time and effort before giving them a rough, geeky, geometric version of what would otherwise be a cheap, quick, thrill. Mhhh.... multilayered.   

       Of course, there would have to be a boxer shorts version, too.
jutta, Jul 09 2000

       stare long enough and you see a pair of breasts or a hairy chest.
FlyingToaster, Mar 16 2010


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