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Anti-Gross Chip

Chip eliminates gross stuff from TV during dinner hour
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We have a chip for controlling what your kids see on TV, how about a chip for eliminating gross stuff during the dinner hour? You know the sort of stuff I mean--commercials for erection pills or adult diapers, news stories about how to combat acne including extreme close ups of worst possible cases or starving children with flies all over their faces. That's great stuff for later in the evening but not when I'm trying to eat. I know--why don't I quit watching TV during dinner and have conversations with my family instead? Hey, when I'm eating I don't want to ruin my digestion by trying to talk. Besides, talking always leads to disagreements and that can be just as upsetting as gross stuff on TV. So how about it, how many customers for the anti-gross chip?
coaster, Feb 13 2001


       why don't you quit watching TV during dinner and have conversations with your family instead?
gnormal, Feb 15 2001


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