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A Baker's Day in KAF

Any Halfbakers at Kandahar Air Field?
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Hey guys, love you all. Wish I had time to read the plethora of witty ideas constantly being posted to this wondrous site... but I don't.

Finally got boots on ground in Afghanistan, not too far from Cambridge Dining Facility (The British DFAC). If there are any Halfbakers out here, LET ME KNOW! I would love to meet and great some fellow bakers here.

MikeD, Oct 31 2011

Not sure about Halfbakers, but there's some field testing you could be getting on with http://www.halfbake...Product_3a_20Weapon
[hippo, Oct 31 2011]

[MikeD], the flag was last seen on the moon. http://img212.image...moonflagcopyjo5.jpg
I think there's only one been made, so unless you want to fetch it, making a new one might be the best idea. [theleopard, Nov 10 2011]

Claimed! In the name of Halfbakers everywhere! http://www.facebook...type=3&l=9048f11877
Halfbakery Flag at an un-named FOB in the Zabul province [MikeD, Jan 30 2012]


       Stay safe.
TolpuddleSartre, Oct 31 2011

       Bad day for it as this is when the supposed veil between the world of the living of the dead is at its thinnest or something. If you happen to see one of those there try not to pass through it. I don't know what to look for but I think it might look like smoke such as from a gun.
rcarty, Oct 31 2011

       Hey MikeD. stay safe and take no tricks, only treats.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2011

       what she ^ said!
po, Oct 31 2011

       I would advise you to rip up some tents and create some giant bikini tops. These you will put on camels. Any halfbakers in the area will soon seek you out. To chastise you that you went through all that trouble just to make a pun.   

       Protect those around you.
zeno, Oct 31 2011

       Hey, thanks for all the kind words. You guys are great.   

       I see so many Britts in the chow-hall every day and think "Shirley one of these guys is a baker..." Probably just the American cultural egoism, coming out.   

       You guys stay witty! And any bakers here at KAF either anno to let me know or e-mail me at brainsplint(at)yahoo(dot)com. I'll attempt to check daily.
MikeD, Nov 01 2011

       My intercalary twin was last reported not three kilometres from where you are! If you see a rather portly figure poking twigs down sandfrog burrows, that'll be him.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2011

       I'm guessing there are around 200 active bakers today (as it has been for years). Your chances are somewhat slim.   

       Godspeed, fellow half-visionary.
daseva, Nov 06 2011

       A very starange thing happened this morning... I went, alone to the Brittish chow hall and sat down adjacent to some Brittish soldiers, hoping to interact a bit with my extra-continental counter-parts. I greeted the small group congenially, with a "Good morning", then sat down and began eating.   

       More Brittish troops came in, and filled in the rest of the row of tables, making me entirely surrounded by Brittish troops who spoke, only quietly amongst themselves.   

       What made it worse, was I had 10 hard-boiled eggs to eat, each of which put heroic effort into retaining it's shell.   

       Ah, and [hippo]: As if route-clearance weren't dangerous enough, now you want me to test HB weaponry?!?!   

       I'm going to draw a picture of half a croissant on one of the T-walls out-side the entrance to the Brittish mess hall. If any bakers ever swing by, be sure to leave your HB name. I'll set precedence.   

       Love you all.
MikeD, Nov 06 2011

       I think I see your mistake, [MikeD]. Over here, we always eat them shell-on. The extra calcium helps to compensate for the vitamin-D deficiency in forming strong, rickettsless bones. Clearly, shelling your eggs was a bit of a social gaffe and, rather than embarrassing you, the Brits simply chose to overlook the entire matter.   

       Brits can be a bit standoffish, but persistence and a cheery smile will win the day. I've almost been accepted into the community of my local village, and my family has only been here since the Napoleonic wars.   

       You could probably break the ice by greeting the Brits with a cheery "What's up your cock?", but please don't take Dick van Dyke as an accent model. (Instead, seek out recordings of the one known as "Max Boyce". He is universally revered by Brits, and regarded as something of a zenith in the development of the Queen's English.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2011

       Don't feel snubbed, [Mike]. We're like that with everyone.
pertinax, Nov 08 2011

       Best regards [MikeD]. I am almost tempted to fly out there just to stick my moniker on the wall.
Please ignore [MaxwellBuchanan]'s advice unless you want a fight/laugh.
Hope this finds you well, Barry
gnomethang, Nov 08 2011

       MikeD, we need more people like you. Wish you the best and please stay safe.
phundug, Nov 09 2011

       Just stay in one piece alright? It hurts a bit sending good-luck vibes over there, so don't waste'm.   

       Thankyou, all.   

       I tried to draw the crossaint, but the "moon-dust" was drying up the sharpy's point. Ended up looking too silly to attach the name "Half Bakery" to. Instead; I think I'll have one of the sew-shop girls make an HB flag and I'll plant the thing somewhere over here.   

       Pictures will be made available.
MikeD, Nov 10 2011


       Oh, and be careful. Redundant request I'm sure. You're no doubt keeping an eye on that side of things.
theleopard, Nov 10 2011

       Maybe even put the whole poorly thought out ideas thing on the backburner until you get back from the warzone.
rcarty, Nov 10 2011

       [theleo] re. the link - it's clearly fake. There are no footprints behind the astronaut leading up to where the he is standing.   

       A photo of the HB Ensign in Kandahar would be a phenomenal triumph of the human spirit. Go for it, [MikeD].
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 10 2011

       //Maybe even put the whole poorly thought out ideas thing on the backburner until you get back from the warzone.//   

       What? I'm not quite sure I like your priorities.   

       And thanks for the advice [MB]. Any thoughts on social interactions with the Romanians?
MikeD, Nov 12 2011

       Use thier full first name (as introduced to you) until you're very familiar with the individual. Don't use any nicknames their friends/fellows use until invited to do so or you too are friends with that person. And don't mention organized crime. And be very polite if the subject of family comes up, even about your own family, and especially about women and children.
Alterother, Nov 12 2011

       Got the flag sewn up. See link for pics.   

       This is one small step for a Halfbaker, one giant leap for halfbaker-kind!
MikeD, Jan 30 2012

       Quality !
8th of 7, Jan 30 2012

       Class! - Expect a strange friend request of FB (also are you in the HB group?)
gnomethang, Jan 30 2012

       the FB page doesn't appear to be Mike.
po, Jan 30 2012

FlyingToaster, Jan 30 2012

       I am so inspired. Yay for the flag, may it wave in peace as well as war. Yay.
blissmiss, Jan 30 2012

       The flag is inspirational.   

       I often think, in these bleak winter days when any cheerful thought is a straw of sunshine to be clutched at, that if everyone the whole world all over could just forget their differences and learn to release their inner halfbaker, the world would be a place with more orreries.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2012

       MikeD gives good flag!
DrBob, Jan 31 2012

       Love it!
mitxela, Jan 31 2012

       Thanks for the kind words, guys. I have bad news, though. I took the flag out on mission today, tied with what where presumed to be three secure square knots. The flag was not on the vehicle at RP. It is presumed to be somewhere on Highway 1.   

       I have commissioned the sew-shop girls to make another, this time providing a rough sketch of a croissant looking less like a banana with a cock-ring, and more like a croissant.   

       I feel like the flag shouldn't just be here with me.   

       I feel the flag belongs to all halfbakers, and as such, will mail the new flag to anyone who would like to add to this flag's adventures. Contact me at brainsplint(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are interested.   

       [Po], the name may be different, but I guarantee you: That is the ornery bastard you know as MikeD.
MikeD, Jan 31 2012

       //less like a banana with a cock-ring, and more like a croissant.// - I didn't like to say anything...

Po, I let him loose on the FBHB Group....
gnomethang, Feb 01 2012

       I'll see if any of my mates are out there to carry the banner, but I think there's just a couple in Iraq at the moment.
marklar, Feb 01 2012

       New flag, new pics. Also have "The World's Most Interesting Man" here in Afghanistan.   

       War is too much fun!!!!
MikeD, Feb 08 2012

       All the best [MikeD] loving the flags!
zen_tom, Feb 08 2012

       Jesus Christ, I wish I was in Mexico. It's friggin 4 degrees below zero right now. I spent an hour star-hopping with Starth Vader, then packed him up and came over to the MWR. I've been here in this heated tent for an hour and my feet are still so cold they hurt!   

       Hope you bakers are doing great!
MikeD, Feb 08 2012

       Stay warm if you can. By golly I never thought that it would get so cold there. Bundle up now.
blissmiss, Feb 08 2012


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