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A Level Playing Field

One sports team per 35831808 people
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I do not sport in any wise but have generated a sports- related opinion, so here it is.

Currently national sports teams represent countries of very different sizes. If the Vatican has such a thing as a national rugby team, that's fifteen people drawn from a pool of 451, whereas if the People's Republic of China has one then that's got three million times as many people from which to select, so it doesn't take a genius to work out which one is likely to be better. This is presumably remedied a bit by transferring players from other countries, but that's just obviously wrong and rubbish.

In order to deal with this better, the world's human population should be divided into around two hundred parcels of people, each around 35831808 in size, each of which can contribute fifteen people to a rugby team, eleven to a cricket team and so on. They will each be allocated at random from the world's population and be given a random but widely pronounceable name such as Kumuni and the rest of the population will be able to cheer them on, thereby overcoming nationalism but allowing tribalism on a global scale, and a fellow-feeling for people all over the planet. No transfers allowed, and a level playing field.

nineteenthly, Sep 05 2015


       //If the Vatican has such a thing as a national rugby team// If?? The Vatican (well, Vatican City, to be precise, whose population is nearer 900 than the 451 you indicate) has _two_ national Rugby teams, although three players are members of both teams.   

       They also compete internationally in skiing, ski- shooting, lacrosse, football and table tennis.   

       Incidentally, this idea is likely to lead to mass executions of non-footballers in the Soviet Union.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 05 2015

       Kansas. It's level, but you'll have to play in the dirt 'cause we have nothing to water it with.
lurch, Sep 06 2015

       Just sit your A Levels indoors like everybody else. I dunno.
pertinax, Sep 07 2015

       A tribal Super Bowl. I can see the commercials now! Target audience would be everyone. Hmmm. Makes me wonder what product might appeal to everyone. Hmmm...
blissmiss, Sep 07 2015


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