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Analysis of Names

Does anyone know why certain possible team-names are not used?
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Sociologically, it can be argued that most sports teams have names that are like primitive "totems", involving a psychological identification with certain characteristics of the type of entity referenced by its name.

For example, a team named "Giants" would like to perceive its team-members as being larger and more powerful than their opponents (useful in, say, American football, or possibly British rugby). A team named "Wolverines" might prize fearlessness and viciousness (possibly useful in ice hockey).

Many teams are named after various predatory animals, and while it is often true that they are powerful animals, folks seem to ignore the fact that in the wild, the prey- animals killed by those predators tend to be youngsters and oldsters. Among humans it is not generally acceptable to prey on the weak (and so, as just mentioned, the victims get ignored when talking about totem-animals for sports teams). Well, what of other predators, such as "Piranhas" or "Cobras" or "Squids" or "Hyenas"? Some of them might already be in use --I haven't thoroughly checked.

Meanwhile, what of teams having such names as "Pirates" or "Buccaneers" or "Raiders" or "Bandits" or "Reavers"? Those names describe entities that are noted for bad behavior --humans preying on humans! If such names are "trendy", then what about adding to the list? "Assassins", "Slashers", "Rippers", "Ninjas", and even "Terrorists"?

Finally, some animals are not generally considered to be predators, and yet still are very powerful animals, suitable as totems for sports teams. Some of the following might be in use, but I doubt all of them are: "Elephants", "Hippos", "Rhinos", "Gorillas". I can't resist linking the video about the baby elephant and the 14 lions (OK, lionesses).

Vernon, Feb 22 2018

Young elephant survives 14 lions https://www.youtube...watch?v=MbV7WuNWHe4
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Feb 22 2018]

A video partly about a female orangutan https://www.youtube...watch?v=QfDxg0pJAX4
Orangutans are impressively powerful, too. Too bad the name has so many syllables! [Vernon, Feb 22 2018]


       Note not talking about a single list here!
Vernon, Feb 22 2018

       It is curious that some animal team names are used - e.g. "Tigers" - and others are not used - e.g. "Pussycats"
hippo, Feb 22 2018

       Nicknames are in a similar vein. A little logic and a group consensus. It would depend on the psychological makeup of the group concerned and each individual's feeling about the name. Naming is probably more an emotional equation. Look at Gamers' team names.   

       Embedded Idea? Just why analysis won't get grant money.
wjt, Feb 22 2018

       I'm picturing an arena battle between some Harlequins and Wednesday. My money's on Wednesday because it's very consistent from one week to the next. To make any headway, the Harlequins would be forced to mime reverse intercalation: brutal stuff!
pertinax, Feb 22 2018

       That little elephant will be celebrating, with their siblings, on the fermented fruit tonight.
wjt, Feb 22 2018

       It's always baffled me why the Team Tapeworms have never risen to prominence, given their persistence, wily ways, general resilience and ability to emerge into the light when least expected.
xenzag, Feb 22 2018

       [wjt], elephants are famous for their memories. I think that elephant is going to have a lifelong extreme dislike of lions.
Vernon, Feb 22 2018

       I think the 'Lions' should be renamed the 'Baby Seals.'
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2018

       Over here, most sports teams have unofficial, fan-bestowed nicknames. We have The Stoats (East Cheadle FC), the Newts (Falkirk's quatloch team) and The Kidneys (Sternchester's hockey team).
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2018

       There's the Anaheim Ducks.   

       The Cleveland Browns. Discuss.
DrBob, Feb 23 2018

       Bostonians of course, are famous for their brightly coloured hoisery, while Manhattanites are notorious for being thieves ((K)Nick in English being synonymous with "steal")
zen_tom, Feb 23 2018

       [Vernon] The little elephant did a lot of charging. Depending on it's neurochemistry , or how emotionally bold and hyped up the animal was, and memory laydown, a leadership role might be on the cards.
wjt, Feb 25 2018


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