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Anthem for the World
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National anthems vary in quality, create awkward moments at international sporting events and confusion during coup's d'etat. A rousing world anthem is sorely needed.
husband_of_bath, Dec 05 2007

L'Internationale http://en.wikipedia...nale#English_lyrics
Arise, you prisoners of starvation!
Arise, you wretched of the earth!
For justice thunders condemnation:
A better world's in birth!
[ldischler, Dec 05 2007]

Theme Tune from "Roobarb and Custard" http://80scartoonsc.../sounds/roobarb.mp3
British 80ies cartoon show about a cat and a dog. [jutta, Dec 05 2007]

Another alternative, "The theme from Bod" http://www.youtube....1_U&feature=related
Classic [zen_tom, Dec 05 2007]


       i'd vote for Voltes V's theme song as world anthem, it's very snappy.
pyggy potamus, Dec 05 2007

       So whoever won, the same anthem would be played? The "we are all winners" sort of thing?
ldischler, Dec 05 2007

       But national anthems are intended to stir patriotic fervour. What would be the purpose of this?
angel, Dec 05 2007

       The Intergalactic Olympics of course.
theleopard, Dec 05 2007

       I'd like to nominate the theme tune from "Roobarb and Custard". It's international because there are no lyrics, and yet catchy enough for everyone to sing along to.
lostdog, Dec 05 2007

       Intragalactic, surely, otherwise we would need a galaxy anthem.
Texticle, Dec 05 2007

       //I'd like to nominate the theme tune from "Roobarb and Custard"// I vote for the theme tune to Hawaiii 5-0.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2007

       I vote for "It's not unusual" by Tom Jones.
Dub, Dec 05 2007

       I vote: "Is there anybody out there?" ~ Pink Floyd.
4whom, Dec 05 2007

       I'm puttin in a vote for "Yakkety Sax". Hopefully there will be a whacky chase through a hallway with a bunch of doors though.
rascalraidex, Dec 05 2007

       It won't work but even wishing for it gets a + from me.
can1073, Dec 05 2007

       Roobarb and Custard seconded "biddley-bar biddley-bar, biddly-bi'ly bar"!
zen_tom, Dec 05 2007

       Good for playing before a spot of volley ball with the Martian visitors.
xenzag, Dec 05 2007

       I always thought it was "bubbaly-bar, bubbaly-bar". Could be wrong though. Either way, R&C leads the pack with 3.
jtp, Dec 05 2007

       You're thinking of Maude Flanders.
Texticle, Dec 05 2007

       //The Intergalactic Olympics of course//   

       Presumably the whole competition will be fixed in the same way Miss. Universe always is, the winner is always from Earth.
fridge duck, Dec 06 2007

       Baked. We (?) already selected Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode", stuck it on the Voyager spacecraft's "golden record", and sent it off. Cut, wrap, ship.
lurch, Dec 06 2007

       NoAnthem would get my vote.   

       And a clear cellophane flag if you don't like the Jolly Roger.
Ned_Ludd, Dec 06 2007

       "I'd like to buy the world a Coke"
hippo, Dec 06 2007

       New world order. No. Although, at the Pan-Galactic Sport Coming-together, it might be nice. I'll stay neutral.
Noexit, Dec 06 2007

       I don't know why you chose this category. how about culture: language: universal   

       I like the idea of a cellophane flag.
dentworth, Dec 06 2007

       A cellophane flag, semaphore it and some are against it.
4whom, Dec 06 2007

       I think it needs more cowbell.
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2007


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