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Quadra Skipping

extra difficult skipping (impossible?)
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Double rope skipping requires three participants (see link). When performed correctly, the two skipping ropes are made to rotate in such a way that they are positioned at 180 degree intervals throughout the movement.

Quadra Skipping adds two more participants with two more longer ropes. They are placed on the outer sides of the now inner rope turners. The inner rope turners must now not only spin their own ropes, but also jump up and down over the "outer" ropes.

The central jumper must now skip over four sets of ropes all turning equidistant from each other's respective rotations, as the inner two skip over two sets.

xenzag, Dec 14 2013

double rope skipping http://streets-unit...oshoot-1024x620.jpg
same as this, only with two more outside rope turners [xenzag, Dec 14 2013]


       Try searching for 'triple-dutch' or 'double-double-dutch' skipping videos on yootoob. Neither are what you're describing, but they're both just as nuts.
Alterother, Dec 14 2013

       how about a robot that can keep this many (or just the two) ropes in motion, appropriately timed/synced?
EdwinBakery, Dec 15 2013


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