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Thermochromic Spectacle Frames

Not in a retro-80s way, but in a deeply sensible and practical sense.
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Spectacle frames that changed colour when they warmed up would be kinda fun, but since I'm not Timmy Mallet I'm not that excited about big thick spectacle frames going from red to green. What I'm really talking about here is a frame which is quite inoffensive (maybe even transparent) when warm, but when you take your glasses off, the frames cool to an interesting mix of fluorescent pink and yellow stripes. This makes them much easier to find when groping blindly around the next morning. Put them on, and they warm up and turn back into a normal, mild-mannered pair of specs.

On a practical note, it would probably be better if it were just the earpieces which changed colour, and the rest of the frames can just be titanium or whatever the heck they use nowadays.

moomintroll, Dec 08 2005


       Joseph and his Multicoloured Spectacles   

       The musical.
skinflaps, Dec 08 2005

       I dunno. I'd buy frames that were all sorts of wacky colors.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2005


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