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Virtual Eyeglass Fitting

Search for your next pair of glasses more efficiently
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Imagine walking into a shop that sells eyeglasses, sitting down in front of a camera and having your picture taken. Then you just sit in front of a computer terminal and scroll through different eyeglass frames and styles, having them instantly applied to your digital picture. This way you can effectively get an idea of how the glasses will look on you without finding the physical frames and putting them on your face.

Even if you only used this technology to whittle the selections down to a handful of frames that you'll try on physically, you've saved plenty of time, and will more easily find the coolest frames.


Making sure the software effectively identifies the points where the glasses will rest doesn't have a simple solution, but if AI can't solve that, then a minimally trained store employee could mark off the resting points, or the subject could wear a default pair of glasses from which the software could determine facial resting points. There are other options too, now that I think about it.

Keeping a database of images of every frame constantly updated may pose some technical obstacles. Ultimately, the manufacturer would generate the appropriate images and make them available for download by the retailers.


- This would make buying glasses on the web an attractive option

- More advanced applications could include 3D models of your ugly head that you can rotate to see how the glasses look on you from different angles.

- You can try on glasses that aren't in stock.

- Computerized suggestions based on the shape of your head and other features?

kurleykyew, Oct 16 2003




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