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Monolithic glasses

lenses and frame hewn from a single block
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This is an idea proposed by my daughter:

Consider the main frame of a pair of spectacles. The lenses, frames, bridge and end-pieces, all of it. All this could be made from a single piece of transparent material.
Obviously, one have separate, hinged side-frames, so they could fold.

It also seems likely that this would currently be very difficult for prescription glasses. However, it appears that fashions in spectacle design are driven to some extent by technology... so why not?

Loris, Nov 12 2016

Let me google that for you... http://lmgtfy.com/?...s+monoblock+glasses
[pashute, Nov 14 2016]


       Baked, for both reading glasses and safety glasses.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2016

       Nifty idea, if they make them out of metalenses then the whole thing is lighter as well.
beanangel, Nov 12 2016

       "for yourself" is better than "of yourself".
not_morrison_rm, Nov 13 2016

       //Baked, for both reading glasses and safety glasses.//   

       Ah, yes, glasses which arn't customised and precision-ground.
I've added the keyword "prescription" to the idea.
Loris, Nov 13 2016

       Ah, a LMGTFY link. How wonderful.
And with the obvious search term 'monoblock' - that doesn't undermine the point at all.
I really ought to be embarrassed not to have done that search; it doesn't make any difference that all the hits are sunglasses or non-prescription reading glasses, so not actually relevant.
Loris, Nov 15 2016

       Would the Monolithic glasses have a ratio of 1:4:9 ?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 15 2016

       No, but they would help you see the stars.
Loris, Nov 15 2016

       Will they be full of them ? Will they go on forever ?
8th of 7, Nov 15 2016


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