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A "Slow Dance" Club

relive Jr. High at a ballad bearing dance hall
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The Club would feature only slow songs like: Every Rose has it's Thorn, Almost Paradise, Faithfully, etc... You would wear your best blue tux and awkwardly shuffle the night away.The real excitement would occur when you had to kill time during the guitar solos. Do you stare at your shoes, wipe your nose, or go in for the kill? The snack bar would have fruit punch and sheet cake and there could be a make out room for "scoring".
ccandtt, Mar 01 2003


       //You would wear your best blue tux//
Damn, man - how many tuxedos did you have when you were in Jr. High?
thumbwax, Mar 01 2003

       If they play "Color my World" and I can wear stick-on acne and even doofier clothes than I wear now and buy fake pot and drink Hiram Walker blackberry brandy till I puke I will see you there. Maybe.
snarfyguy, Mar 01 2003

       //The real excitement would occur when you had to kill time during the guitar solos//
We didn't have any fancy-schmancy geetar solos back in my day. But we did have a basketball court, where most of the guys spent their time shooting baskets during the whatchamacallem 7/8th grade banquet dance thingie. Why? It seemed there were more chaperones than there were girls, monitoring our every nuance, so we said "Hell with it - if I'm going to be stared at all night, you can watch me make this basket."
thumbwax, Mar 01 2003


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