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Anti procrastination computer club

Computer club with anti procrastination rules.
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There would be cameras, software and people, who detect visitors, which procrastinate or are distracted or do nothing productive, and kick them out.
bondarchukb, Aug 23 2019

It turns out its a new film https://www.youtube...watch?v=k3zMlsEK8xA
and a horrible one at that. Great for procrastination. [pashute, Aug 26 2019]

The rediculous twist https://www.youtube...watch?v=jVdy_k2yir0
And I still don't know what serenity means [pashute, Aug 26 2019]

The one I was hoping for https://en.wikipedi...erenity_(2005_film)
[notexactly, Aug 26 2019]


       I think this idea is... hang on, there's a squirrel. Get back to you soon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2019

       I had an idea for this once. Well, more than once. Never actually got around to doing it, though.
lurch, Aug 23 2019

       Think of it as extra credit.
wjt, Aug 24 2019

       I put the "pro" in procrastina
Canuck, Aug 25 2019

Canuck, Aug 25 2019

       Who put the er into halfbakery?
pocmloc, Aug 25 2019

       Procrastinators anonymous prayer:   

       God grant us the serenity to, wait a sec I'm looking up what serenity means.
pashute, Aug 26 2019

       //I put the count into country music.// Bravo that man.   

       Perhaps this explains why there have been several people claiming to be the King or Queen of country music, but never the Count.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 26 2019

       Placeholder for an annotation to be added at some point
Voice, Aug 26 2019

       I don't even know what a "computer club" is in this context in the first place. It doesn't sound like an *UG…
notexactly, Aug 26 2019

       ^ "computer club" means computer cafe I do not really understand, what discussion is about, just want to admit, that I am not english native speaker, so there could be some sort of misunderstanding XD
bondarchukb, Aug 26 2019

       I see! In that case, these rules make sense. But if the customers are paying for the time, what does it matter if they waste it?
notexactly, Aug 26 2019

       I think of a computer club as a place where people do a lot of soldering, make wire-wraps and muck about with breadboards and DIL sockets and stuff.
nineteenthly, Aug 27 2019

       I wasted another morning with the other serenity movie.
pashute, Aug 27 2019

       So wait how does anti-procrastination tie into the halfbakery?
pashute, Aug 27 2019

       // I wasted another morning with the other serenity movie. //   

       Did you not watch the TV series (Firefly) first? I imagine it might not make much sense without that.   

       For anyone who's going to watch Firefly, I recommend skipping the episode "Out of Gas" in the normal episode order and then watching it at the end. It's better that way.
notexactly, Aug 28 2019

       Some rare times, over-workers need an infection of procrastination to bring them back down to earth.
wjt, Aug 29 2019

       I thought about procrastinating, but it sounded like a long word and too much work. Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.
RayfordSteele, Aug 30 2019


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