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Breasts, Butts 'n Babies

Sustainable nightclub
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The problem with Western media is that it objectifies sexuality, amplifies the visual and audio aspects of it and minimizes the olfactory and gustatory aspects and consequences.

Enter the lattest worldwide chain of nightclubs dedicated to population control, Breasts, Butts and Babies, where one can can get a drink, kick back and relax in an environment filled with replicas of just that, breasts, butts and babies. Walls would be covered with anatomical and tactile likenesses, and the air would be filled with the smells and sounds of breasts butts and babies.

Thus a connection to consequences would be returned to sex, controlling the population.

JesusHChrist, Mar 08 2015


       If I thought I could get pregnant as a result of sex I would actually want to do it. As it stands I don't, so I don't. I expect this would work for some people though.   

       What does a breast sound like? I can't get my ear down there.
nineteenthly, Mar 08 2015

       Well, at least it's not in other:general.
normzone, Mar 08 2015

       Public:punishment might be a better category.
8th of 7, Mar 08 2015

       Not good. Simply not good. Boke in fact.
xenzag, Mar 08 2015

       It has all the earmarks of an eyesore.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2015

       Ha! You just haven't met a dumb enough partner, 'teenthly. Blind, unthinking enthusiasm can overcome any amount of biological reality...allegedly.
DrBob, Mar 08 2015

       [nineteenthly], I'm pretty sure we could clone you.   

       //What does a breast sound like?// It sounds a bit like "a vest", but the "v" part is different.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2015

       Is this good for sexual imprinting ? The young are so impressionable.
wjt, Mar 09 2015

       I picture a big video screen on one wall of a birthing experience, in all its glory, on continuous repeat.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2015

       The Movie BBB opens with a ethnic janitor sweeping out the bar during the brilliant sun shine of noon. He also sweeps out a few drunks and helps get the place ready for the night festivities. Three preteen age daughters of the producers put in an appearance. And THE star private detective has a flashback to set up the mystery.   

       The first real customers stop by the bar just before the rush hour/ happy hour start. The media versions of BBB are started and tested by high school techie (played by out of work actor John Snapper who has always looked a little to young ).   

       Than all of a sudden...
popbottle, Mar 10 2015

       Not only is this poster not part of the family, I'd strongly urge him to stay away from my family.
4and20, Nov 17 2015

       Wow, some low-grade moron gave this another bun. Whose babies are you putting in clubs again, pedo?
4and20, Nov 17 2015

       Another bun, but no new ideas. Morons having a slow day again?
4and20, Nov 17 2015

       [4and20] I had boned this but your comments annoyed me, so I am changing that to a bun. Hope that's what you were going for.
Voice, Nov 17 2015

       How about stop watching TV and buy a product based on quality instead?
travbm, Nov 17 2015

       I had ignored this, but your comment made me reread it. The business would not be successful, but it would toss a clog into the gears of female exploitation business, somewhat.   

       I don't know where "butts" fit in... male butts, for women to gawk at ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 17 2015

not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2015

       <<yawn, ignored, TV, annoyed, moron>>: Guys, whatever it takes to keep me at the top of the charts. I am your ho.   

       What's that you say? This is a recents view? It sure seems like a popularity contest to me, so thank you for your votes of confidence. I will take it where I can get it.
JesusHChrist, Nov 19 2015

       //I am your ho//   

       I would like an idea for a device to replace the shoehorn, effortlessly. It should require at least two kilowatts of power and a bicycle chain.
Voice, Nov 20 2015

       ^ coming to a home shopping channel near you, the Procrustes shoehorn... If the shoe fits, or even if it doesn't...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 21 2015


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