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RFID Nightspots

Bringing singles togather in the digital age
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The development of RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification )has stirred up some legitimate concerns among privacy advocates, but certainly might have some interesting and useful applications. Consider how they might be utilized to modernize and streamline traditional singles nightclub interactions. Imagine a trendy nightclub or pub with great music, good food, and generously poured drinks. Before entering, one would fill out a brief questionaire regarding such things as occupation, marital status, education level, hobbies, turn-ons, pet peeves, musical tastes, favorite foods, etc. Of course, any information that one doesn't want to share could be left blank, but the more data that is given, the higher the likelihood of finding a compatible acquaintance. No private, personally identifiable info such as phone number or address would be collected, eliminating the possibility of later "stalking". This information would then be transferred to a small, concealable RFID device, which the patron would pocket before strolling into the club. For a refundable deposit, the customer would also be issued a small cellphone or PDA-sized RFID reader. Now, rather than wondering if that great-looking guy or girl at the end of the bar shares any similar interests or awkwardly trying to find out through inane small-talk, one could casually stroll up tho within a few feet of the object of interest and discretely hit a few buttons on the RFID reader. Almost instantly, one would know if he/she shared your taste for Thai food and ska and was worthy of your introduction, or if he/she preferred punk and sushi and should be wordlessly bypassed in favor of more promising partners. This should cut down significantly on humiliating public rejections and eliminate minutes and hours of pointless conversation getting to know an incompatible person.
masterchief, Aug 04 2005


       Just look into their eyes. Eyes don't lie!   

       But, seriously, by the time I show up at this bar, I'm smashed, and having way too much fun making up dumb answers to the questions.   

       Which would be kinda fun, so probably bun, but maybe not.
daseva, Aug 04 2005

       Cool idea. My son was put in a room at college based on a complex questionaire. Worked well.   

       On the other hand, If I had know all my wife's quirks while young, I would have avoided her, yet the differences keep us happy and on our toes. If I had married a woman as bad at finance as I am, it would not be good, either.
moPuddin, Aug 04 2005


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