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Titanic the Gay Version
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A film following the events of the fateful night when the crew and passengers went down in the middle of the Atlantic.
benfrost, Jul 04 2001

(?) One of the many Titanic victims. http://you.genie.co...anic/darlington.htm
This guy edited my local newspaper. He was a very influential journalist and social commentator, in America as well as England. [angel, Jul 04 2001]

TITanic http://www.stomptok...t/titanic-2000.html
The softcore T&A interpretation. [mrkillboy, Jul 04 2001]


       you know....after the film came out, a couple of friends and I decided that the directors and producers should have taken advantage of the set and filmed three or four different stories about that incident, then, there could have been "sequels" of a different sort....can you imagine watching a different version/storyline and catching a glimpse of Jack and Rose running around in the background? It would have been fun.....
Susen, Jul 04 2001

       ...tossing on the waves, man over board, plunging nose first into davy jones locker... That lonely + vote still gets my fish.
lubbit, Jul 04 2001

       Boy, there's a lot of potential yet untapped, isn't there. I like Susen's idea, and benfrost's gay version could be like 'A Comedy of Errors' (a mannish lesbian attracted by a guy in drag whilst this gay guy's real partner is hitting on Jack, and Rose finds herself keeping a mysterious assignation with the first lesbian's partner, etc ad ludicrum) or it could be a serious, sombre metaphor for the AIDS epidemic in America and the death of innocence. Yay, what fun--I'll counter lubbit's fish with a pastry.
Dog Ed, Jul 04 2001

       Dog Ed, you get cooler and cooler every time I read your annotations.
AfroAssault, Jul 04 2001

       Again, with the under-the-radar pun! The learning curve ever straightens.
The Military, Jul 04 2001

       Thank you, The Military, I missed it on first read. Argh. AfroAssault, stop it, you're making me blush.
Dog Ed, Jul 04 2001

       TM: sometimes you have to ignore the *offensive* pun b/c the idea actually has merit of a sort......
Susen, Jul 04 2001

       Susen — My onus is that I find no puns offensive. They are my vice. This group has brought temperance into my life and, for that, many personal acquaintances are forever in its debt. For the record: Funny stuff, this!
The Military, Jul 04 2001

       Interestingly, right after Titanic reached "mega blockbuster" status there was talk of making a prequel called "Jack and Rose" about those respective characters pre-Titanic lives, as well as a follow up centering on Rose's post-Titanic life.
mrkillboy, Jul 05 2001

       I'm assuming that in the porn version everyone in the water survives by the heat created in a 2000+ person strong orgy.
mrkillboy, Jul 05 2001

       Yes, Unabubba I'm afraid I did.
benfrost, Jul 05 2001

       Every time I watch the movie, the boat sinks and every one dies. You would think the passengers would have more sense than to go on the voyage knowing full well what happened last time it was on.
benfrost, Jul 10 2001

       The problem is that if you are not a 'Nielsen Family', your staying away doesn't reduce the average at all. They figure it by tracking the watching habits of a few people...
StarChaser, Jul 12 2001

       Titanic: The Quickening
phoenix, Jul 13 2001

       I thought Titanic already was a gay movie...
BertieWooster, Jul 17 2001

       I can't believe this one was never churned...um, oh I guess I can believe it, well, here it is again, though I've never seen it, well, I've seen the Titanic, not the real ship of course...
xandram, May 28 2008

       In Tetanic they all get tetanus and have to watch each other slowly die.
Spacecoyote, Mar 31 2009

       >_< i just got that...
FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2009

       In Tightanic they all have Yorkshire accents.
shudderprose, Apr 01 2009

       In Tutonic they all spreken sie mit da Vaterland accents.
eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 01 2009

       In Tectonic, they're all on Australia when it collides with South America. Probably a two-reeler.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 01 2009

       In Thai Tannic, a luxury cruise to South East Asia is ruined when room service accidentally overdunks the tea bags.
DrBob, Apr 01 2009

       Itanic: the story of intel's biggest flop, Itanium
iTanic: the story of apple's biggest flop, the Newton.

       There's also TitanAEc, Teatanic (boston tea party), etc, etc.
Spacecoyote, Apr 01 2009

same thing but about a really really big earthquake-proof bus.
FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2009

       Bose before hose?
Spacecoyote, Apr 02 2009

       Thai-tanic: the ship is refloated with ping-pong balls.
4whom, Apr 05 2009


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