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The Irritating Story of the Anderson Brothers

Parody of Benjamin Button (in terms of impossibility)
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In the spirit of "Scary Movie", Epic Movie", etcetera.

A single woman decides to have a child, and takes fertility drugs in order to produce eggs for the in vitro fertilization.

She has a son.

A year later, when she goes to check on him, there are two boys in the crib. She calls the police, who then treat her like she's crazy (reference to Changeling) and say she always had two children.

Further testing proves the two are identical twins.

On the boys' second birthday, mom finds four boys. It becomes apparent that they are dividing on their birthdays.

On their third birthday, she becomes octomom.

A scientist begins working on why this is happening.

The story moves through the ridiculous problems of having 32 identical 5 year olds entering kindergarten, 1024 ten year olds...

The scientist and mom have sexual tension between them (natch)

Eventually groups of the siblings have to be relocated to other cities, states, countries, even continents.

More complications happen as the siblings find love, only to have to compete with themselves for the same partner after their next birthdays.

The scientist and mom fall in love.

Finally, crisis is averted when, on their 18th birthday, none of the 131,072 divides. The scientist determines that the natural slowing of growth has ended the division of the boys.

The boys all get married

cut to the scientist and mom looking at a computer model of DNA

"yes, it seems there is a mutation here which"

cut to montage of the boys with their 131,072 mates, as the voiceover of the scientist continues....

"could be passed on to offspring"

[choir of voices - are the boys and their mates having orgasms, or screaming in fear?]


cindik, Mar 20 2009


       good title [+]
jaksplat, Mar 20 2009

       I keep going round with variations on the title - annoying story, irritating tale - and different names for the boys.
cindik, Mar 31 2009

       I don't think that this should necessarily be a broad comedy parody of the Benjamin "Netanyahu" Button film: it could work in a cold 1970s horror-sci fi style, the mere fact of the multiplication augmented by dehumanisation of the mother and the twins-quads-octuplets-&c. at the hands of the perhaps less than entirely non-conspiratorial scientist and his collagues in the bland strip-lit industrial-park lab...
calum, Mar 31 2009

       This actually strikes me as a pretty good pitch for a film. Possibly a short. Scary Movie only works as a parody and not on its own; most of the other Movie Movies just don't work. Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead--those work also as films. That's the kind of parody I like, personally. Rant aside, good idea.
Eugene, Mar 31 2009

       I think the title could possibly be better; The original had alliteration and was in reverse alphabetical order (tCCoBB).
Spacecoyote, Mar 31 2009

       The Terrifying Tale of the Bosco Brothers?
cindik, Apr 05 2009


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