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PreTTY Woman

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Once the punters are inside, we’ve got their money, and the movie theatre doors have been locked, it will be revealed that this is a short film about a woman living before the invention of the teleprinter and those 1970’s green-screen computer terminals.
hippo, Dec 29 2020

CAT5_3a_20The_20Musical! [hippo, Dec 30 2020]


       ASR-33, 110 Baud ?   

8th of 7, Dec 29 2020

       That's actually the most romantic line of dialogue from the whole film
hippo, Dec 29 2020

       This and this, "condiments", are on me, lost.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2020

       //ASR-33, 110 Baud// So it's a science fiction?
wjt, Dec 29 2020

       I got to use a TI silent 700 for a while in 1979. I was like hexidecimal C Just wasting time, I did not program until I got a TRS-80 the same year.   

       It had an APL keyboard. My dad actually had a job doing APL.
beanangel, Dec 30 2020

       The prequal, made later: PreTTL Woman, will go straight to DVD
Dub, Dec 30 2020

       PreCMOS Woman ... runs fast, real hot stuff, but intolerant about power....
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       I used to set all my terminal window emulator settings to dark-green/near-black with light-green text to emulate those screens.
zen_tom, Dec 30 2020

       [zen] me too! - and a monospaced font, of course

Also, I just realised what this idea reminded me of (see link)
hippo, Dec 30 2020


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