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Moratorium on Gerund and Gerund Phrase Movie Titles

Some of them are great films -- but come on... Getting Old
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Saving Private Ryan
Driving Miss Daisy
Raising Arizona
Blazing Saddles
Towering Inferno
Raging Bull
Coming Home
Killing Fields
Working Girl
Crying Game
Crouching Tiger...
Chasing Amy
Boxing Helena
Eating Raoul
Breaking Away
Falling Down
Being John Malkovitch

and many more... sheesh!

globaltourniquet, May 29 2001


       Or take it the other way and require a gerund phrase for a title:   

       Playing Rollerball   

       Dancing With Wolves   

       Sinking Titanic   

       Pearling the Harbor   


       Surviving Apocolypse Now   

       Going With the Wind
globaltourniquet, May 29 2001

       Starring Wars
centauri, May 29 2001

       Ep 1: The Menacing Phantom
Fighting Club
Entering the Dragon
MrWrong, May 29 2001

       Dirtying Harry
Erring Brockovitch
Thinning the Red Line
Hunting Good Will
globaltourniquet, May 29 2001

       Playing Child
Backing To The Future
Attacking The Killer Tomatoes
Acing Ventura
Broadcasting News
Corning Of The Children
Giggling Doctor
Hunting Deer
Rocking The Cradle With Your Hand
Losing The World
Knowing What You Did Last Summer
Acting Sister
Raging Silent
Entering The Dragon
Throwing Momma From The Train
Coming Back Again Sometimes
thumbwax, May 29 2001

       Actually, I always assumed that the 'Blazing' in 'Blazing Saddles' was adjectival.
gravelpit, May 29 2001

       terminating the two,judging the day   

       returning the jedi,to the video shop[my brothers joke]
technobadger, May 29 2001

       OK verbals in general then.   

       Present participles included: (Raging Bull, Killing Fields, Crying Game, Crouching Tiger, etc)   

       (cf gravelpit's correct annotation)
globaltourniquet, May 29 2001

       max being mad
technobadger, May 29 2001

       landing the high
technobadger, May 29 2001

       King Kong
beauxeault, May 29 2001

       this is one of one of my pet peeves, movie titles (also titles of any other conceptual thing: raves, clubs, other events, fine art works, books, et cetera) that are actions being performed. towering inferno, the crying game, working girl, and crouching tiger hidden dragon, don't fit in this category, because the words in them that look like verbs are actually adjectives that serve to modify the nouns in the titles. so i say there is nothing wrong with that. but the action titles really need to end.
dj_photon, Oct 19 2001

       Some would have been liking it hot
Rearing window ... Rear winding ... Rear windowing ...
hippo, Oct 19 2001

       Lording It Over The Flies Malting The Falcon Tora! Tora! Boring! (that one's wrong, but what with Tora Bora and all....)
kai_g, Dec 16 2001

       Looks like I need to learn how to start
new-lines here. Let me see if this worked.
kai_g, Dec 16 2001

       That'd be "new-linING", kai
bristolz, Dec 16 2001

       This is a rant, not an idea. I do agree though...
snarfyguy, Dec 16 2001


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